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Letrsquos Get Physical Mom and Baby Workouts

Let’s Get Physical: Mom and Baby Workouts

Now that your little bundle of joy is here, it’s time to enjoy some easy and fun exercises with these mom and baby workouts.

These mom and baby workouts are perfectly safe and beneficial for both you and your baby!

While you are pregnant, your body goes through a lot of changes; for example, gaining some extra weight because you were toting around your baby for 9 months. For many women, all that extra baby weight doesn’t disappear after having a baby but instead lingers longer than they may like. Once you're ready and your doctor gives you the okay, you can get back into working out.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to get a babysitter — we found 5 ways that you can have mom and baby workouts together!



If you enjoyed yoga before your little one arrived, you don’t have to give it up! Yoga exercises with your baby are perfect to get back into working out. If you took a break during pregnancy, always start with easy poses. Also, do yoga poses that are safe for your little ones like the tree pose, cat pose, or downward dog pose.



The easiest way to get back into exercising after having a baby is to walk. Strap your little one into a stroller or an infant carrier and go! Walking is not only good for you but also for your baby. It lets them enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. Before heading out for a walk, always check the temperature to see how you need to dress your baby.



One of the things that many babies love is music, so it's the perfect time to get up and start moving. Dancing with your child is not only a great form of exercise, but you will also get some great giggles out of them.



A great exercise that parents and babies love is swimming. When swimming with your baby, you aren’t going to be doing laps around the pool or diving, but instead slowly walking around with your baby. Even walking around in a pool can burn a ton of calories. Safety is always first so make sure you have the appropriate floaties for your little one and that a certified lifeguard is on duty.



For all the mamas and dadas that enjoy a little more adventure, then hiking with your baby is the perfect exercise. Hiking is great for you and your baby to enjoy the great outdoors and get some much needed fresh air. You can strap your little one into a body infant carrier or a hiking infant carrier. Always have enough diapers, wipes, clothes, milk, and snacks packed.

Now that you are well-versed in postpartum exercises, get up and start moving with your baby with these mom and baby workouts!


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