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5 Ways to Support Small Businesses Without Spending a Lot

5 Ways to Support Small Businesses Without Spending a Lot

March 29 is National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day, and we’ve got ways to support small businesses without spending. Check out our 5 tips here.

There are multiple ways to support small businesses without spending too much.

Between the current developing situation in the world and the March 29 holiday, you've got more than enough reasons to support your local small businesses.

Small business impacts the surrounding community in significant, positive ways. They bring so many benefits to the community, from creating jobs, stimulating the economy, and offering diverse products and services, to providing a strong community identity, culture, and connection. You can’t go wrong with going out of your way to support these businesses - and not all of them require money.

Today, we’re sharing 5 ways you can support small businesses without spending much!


Purchase what they're selling

While it may seem obvious that shopping with small businesses is the best way to support them, there are also many other ways to show your support without spending any money at all! But, this is definitely up there as an immediate way to make sure the businesses you love stay in business.


Share on social media

Social media sharing is the new word-of-mouth marketing! If you love a local small business, share it on social media. Post pictures with their products, recommend a service and gush all about how much you enjoyed your experience. This will encourage others to support the place, too! Make sure to use small business hashtags so that your posts will be shown to others who are also searching for that. Then, tag the business, add a location tag and maybe one or two other relevant hashtags for easy discoverability.

Rate and review

Many people first find small businesses via online reviews and recommendations, like those on Google and Yelp. If you have a positive experience with local small businesses, whether it's a small store, restaurant or single-person service, make sure you share the love and rate and review it online.


Host an event

If you have an upcoming get together, birthday, bachelor(ette) party, etc. consider hosting it at your favorite local small business! (Just give it a few months in the current landscape.) This will encourage everyone that attended your special event to keep returning back for more of what they loved. It will also bring in revenue for the business, which is ultimately what keeps it alive!


Show your appreciation

Unfortunately, most small business owners are overworked and underappreciated. When you have a positive experience with a small business, make sure you share that with the owner, manager, or the person who provided that amazing experience directly! And of course, it always helps to share it on social media or add a quick review. Showing your appreciation for what they do is an easy way to support them, and reminds them of the reasons they probably started their store, restaurant or service offering in the first place.

Know some other ways to support small businesses without spending a ton? Let us know!


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