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Vegetarian Fast Food Chains Delicious Vegetarian Options

Vegetarian Fast Food Chains: Delicious Vegetarian Options!

More and more people are making the switch to a vegetarian lifestyle. These vegetarian fast food chains have great options for non-meat eating customers!

Vegetarian fast food chains are becoming more popular as many shift over to a plant-based diet.

In many states, restaurants are currently closed for dining in, but still have pickup, regular takeout, curbside, and delivery options available. If you are looking for some vegan-friendly options to eat while social distancing, check out this list of delicious vegetarian fast food chains to satisfy your cravings.

Fast Food Vegan

If you love food made with Beyond Meat and Impossible Meat, you can get them from many fast-food restaurants. Although fast-food restaurant chains may have had to shut-down their dining rooms, many of them are still open for business, offering drive-through or pick up service.


At Del Taco, the Beyond Avocado Taco and Beyond Cali Burrito are two tasty options that can be made vegan (you can ask for them without sour cream or cheese). Burger King also offers an Impossible Burger made from a plant-based patty that can be made vegan (ask for it without cheese or mayonnaise). The Beyond Famous Star Burger and the Beyond BBQ Burger, available at Carl’s Jr., can also be ordered vegan (again, just be sure to ask for it without cheese or mayonnaise).

If you aren’t into the plant-based Beyond or Impossible meats, there are still some great pick-up fast food options that would work for you. At Subway you can order a Veggie Delite sandwich, at Taco Bell you can order pretty much anything from its vegetarian menu without the cheese and sour cream, and White Castle even has a veggie slider.

Popular Restaurant Chains

Most popular chains currently offer at least a few vegan alternatives to keep up with demand. For instance, PF Changs has a variety of vegan offerings including Buddhas Delight (a vegan veggie stir-fry), and Fried Eggplant. The Cheesecake Factory also has several vegan, and vegetarian, options such as an Impossible burger, veggie burger, and several of their salads and appetizers including their Vegan Cobb.

If you are lucky enough to live near a healthy vegan-oriented chain like Real Food Daily, M Cafe or Cafe Gratitude, you can order most items on the menu. Just be sure to confirm with the restaurant that your order is vegan or can be prepared vegan!


Vegan Delivery Boxes

You can also get a healthy sub[removed]ion box filled with vegan food delivered straight to your door. Choose from prepared foods or recipes that you make yourself with popular options including Thistle and Purple Carrot.

Whichever restaurant or food option you go with, we hope you stay safe and healthy (which is easier done at these vegetarian fast food chains)!


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