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At-Home Self-Care Tips to Have a Relaxing Day

At-Home Self-Care Tips to Have a Relaxing Day

Whether you're in self-quarantine or need to have a relaxing day, we've got just the thing for you.

Here are some tips to have a relaxing day at home.

Even in the best of times, life can be stressful. Especially now, we need to remember to be good to ourselves, relax, and remain calm. In this challenging period, we hope these at-home self-care tips will help you have a relaxing day and destress. 


1. Be present and enjoy the moment.

Listen to the sights and sounds around you that give you pleasure. If you have a backyard, a balcony or can go for a walk, observe the beauty around you. Do you hear birds singing? Are there beautiful flowers or plants? Is the sky blue? Is it sunny? Are there lovely clouds? Take stock of your breath as you breathe in and out. Just enjoy the moment. Be in the "here and now."


2. Exercise.

Exercise is important for both your body and mind. If you find that you can’t go to the gym due to stay at home orders, check out one of the exercise classes online. Look at YouTube for a yoga class. Try a different type of exercise such as Tai Chi 24, which has often been described as moving meditation. Or go to Darebee (it's free!) and create your own fitness routine from their recommendations. 


3. Try a sound bath.

A sound bath is a relaxation technique that can help you feel renewed. Sound baths help keep your mind in a meditative state, as you listen to sound waves produced by musical instruments or a human voice chanting. Free sound bath recordings can be found on YouTube.


4. Meditate.

Meditation will help you to focus, resulting in a clear and calm mind. Of course, every journey starts with a first step. Check out these apps for short meditations: Calm, Ten Percent Happier, or Insight Timer.


5. Take a bath.

We're talking, regular kind, old-school type of bath here. If you enjoy bubbles or oils in your bath, use them. Play your favorite music and light a few candles.


6. Try new makeup techniques or new ways to style your hair.

Maybe you’ve never had time to learn how to put on eyelashes and eye makeup just the way you like. Perhaps you would like to try to curl or straighten your hair a different way, but never had the time to try doing it. There are many videos on YouTube that will help you achieve your new look and get it right. And if beauty services are approved for running in your state, enjoy health or beauty pampering at home with the MOBILESTYLES App.


7. Call or Facetime with a friend.

Connecting with your community is key right now. We, humans, are social creatures and socializing with others (even virtually!) often makes us feel better. Bonus points if it's a friend who is a positive thinker. Their mindset will help with your own outlook and perspective.


8. Bond with your TV or computer.

Don’t feel like doing anything but relaxing by watching your favorite shows? That’s okay! Just indulge in a marathon viewing party of one (or two) and enjoy.

We hope these tips help you to find some zen in an otherwise stressful world. Have a relaxing day and take some well-deserved time off!


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