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Trend Alert Fashionable Sisters

Trend Alert: Fashionable Sisters

A little fashion inspiration from some well-known fashionable sisters.

These celebrity, fashionable sisters are the perfect inspo!

What to do, what to do? If you're like most of us, you're probably spending 99.9% of your life indoors at the moment. Doing as much as you can to: A: stifle boredom, B: keep your mind off of things, or C: preventing a meltdown because of the global shit show we're all embarking on together.

We're all trying to process what's going on in our own way. If you need a little fashion inspo to get your mind off of things, here are the most fashionable sisters to look out for. This might motivate you to spend a little cash when 1: things start to become seemingly stable again and 2: to restart building our economy (that's an incentive, right?).


Immy & Suki Waterhouse

These English models are turning heads with their looks and their fashion. They were the face of the updated Tommy Hilfiger nostalgic 90s look in 2015, they've graced the covers of well-known magazines like Vanity Fair US, British Elle, and Vogue.

Their style is both untroubled and smooth. For those that want fuss-free style, Immy and Suki are the pair to watch.


Kate & Lottie Moss

The modeling gene runs in the family. We all know who Kate Moss is. She was a big part of the 90s, especially in 1993 when she appeared in a campaign ad for Calvin Klein.

We're now seeing Kate's younger sister, Lottie Moss, grace some impressive campaigns as well. These beauties have very different styles; Kate with a sophisticated, rocker-chic look while Lottie pushes boundaries with an edgier, provocative look.

If this is your vibe, take some pointers from these sisters.

Billie Eilish & FINNEAS

This brother and sister duo is fun to watch. They've gained massive success in the last couple of years when Eilish received a substantial amount of attention after she uploaded her song "Ocean Eyes" on SoundCloud.

They have collectively won 5 Grammy's with FINNEAS as the producer for his sister's music.


This talented powerhouse turns heads for their eccentric fashion choices. Their style is whimsical and fashion-forward. These sibs know how to have fun with their looks and speak to those that enjoy creatively expressing themselves.

Rooney & Kate Mara

Who doesn't know this sibling pair? These actresses have been in, roughly, 57 movies and countless TV shows, and their popularity keeps growing. Rooney Mara has started a Vegan clothing line based out of Los Angeles, California, and also founded the charity, Faces of Kibera, which aims to help orphaned children in Kibera, Nairobi, and Kenya.


Kate Mara has been in some of the best TV shows like the first installation of American Horror Story: Murder House. She was also a staple character in Netflix's House of Cards, a political drama.

These sisters have an impeccably sophisticated style that's timeless and demure. When these sisters dress up for any occasion, they look breathtaking.

Venus & Serena Williams

These strong, powerful tennis pros can go from athletic to polished in the blink of an eye. Predominantly known for their athletic style, they can, at times, be seen red-carpet ready.


If you're into comfort and style, these sisters know how to put an outfit together that will accomplish both needs.

We hope this list of trendy celebrity sibs gives you the nudge to start a new Pinterest board that will provide you with the right amount of inspiration for future shopping, once we're set loose back into our regularly scheduled lives.


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