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8 Earth Caring Ways to Protect the Environment on Earth Day

8 Earth Caring Ways to Protect the Environment on Earth Day

Let's celebrate Earth Day by doing our part to protect the environment with these Earth caring tips.

You don't have to break the bank to perform Earth caring activities!

April 22nd is a big day for our planet — Earth Day. Most of the time, we take for granted all the wonderful things this planet has done for us. Here are 8 ways you can perform Earth caring activities that protect the environment on Earth Day, and every day!


1. Reduce

Yes, the first three may sound familiar! Earth Day is a great time to start reducing your daily trash output. On average, a person throws away about 4 pounds of trash every day and out of those 4 pounds about 2-3 pounds can be recycled or even reused. Before discarding some of your trash and even home items, sort out items that can be reused, recycled, or even donated. Every item that is recycled, reused, or donated saves our planet.


2. Reuse

Reusing items goes hand-in-hand with reducing your trash output. Many items can be washed and reused like zip-loc bags, cardboard boxes, plastic containers, mason jars, and other glassware. Also, there are many items like clothes, bottles, wood, accessories, and more that can be reused in creative crafting/DIY projects.


3. Recycle

If you don’t recycle, Earth Day is the perfect day to start. Common recyclable items include soda cans, plastic bottles, glass bottles, egg cartons, batteries, and cardboard. If your apartment or house doesn’t have a recycling bin, you can always collect your recyclable items and take them to your local recycling plant.

4. Plant Trees

Trees are very important to the environment because they produce oxygen, improve air quality, conserve water, preserve soil, and support wildlife. Without trees, our environment, animals, and even we would have a hard time surviving. To protect our environment this Earth Day, head outside and plant some trees! To start, check out our guide to 6 Trees You Can Plant for Arbor Day

5. Pick Up Trash

An easy way to protect the environment on Earth Day is to pick up any trash you see laying around. While you are out enjoying the day, it will only take a few seconds to pick up some lingering trash and throw it away in an appropriate recycling can or trash can.


6. Volunteer at a Local Environment Group

If you aren’t sure what to do this Earth Day, you can always volunteer at your local environment group. These are the people who are working every day to keep our planet healthy. By helping them out, they can give you some great pointers and advice on how to live a greener lifestyle.

7. Carpool or Bike

Every day there are millions of people driving a car. Even though cars are a convenient and fast way to get around, they can be hazardous for the environment. According to the EPA, a typical passenger vehicle produces 4.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide plus a mix of other gas emissions into the air a year. These gas emissions break down our ozone layer and cause global warming. The best way to reduce these emissions is to either carpool, take public transportation, or ride a bike. The great thing about riding a bike is that it is great for the environment as well as your health.

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8. Conserve Water

Just to take a shower each American wastes about 3.44 gallons of water every time they turn the shower on. So with a family of four, 13.76 gallons of water are wasted in a day and about 5,022.4 gallons of water is wasted per year. The best way to reduce water waste is to conserve water by taking shorter showers and use less water in your daily activities. However, don’t forget to drink water to stay healthy!

Now that you are well-versed in 8 Earth caring ways to protect the environment on Earth Day, it’s time to go out and enjoy the planet we call home. And remember, it doesn’t have to be Earth Day to protect Earth every day.


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