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How To Reduce Distractions While Working From Home

How To Reduce Distractions While Working From Home

Behind at work adjusting to the new WFH lifestyle? Reducing distractions while working from home will help you to become more focused and productive.

Here’s how to reduce distractions while working from home.

So here we are. For the most part, the world has come to a proverbial screeching halt. Minimal contact with others, some forced to close down or work from home. Only essential workers noted as in need during this uncertain time that we're collectively going through. Schools, restaurants, theaters, and other industries have closed down.

It is recommended, and in some parts required, to stay home to slow down the spread of COVID-19. Although this is the best course of action while there is no vaccine in sight, it makes it pretty hard to stay focused. We're living in a time that most of us thought was never going to happen.

We've seen movies that portray this scenario. We thought, "wow, that's horrible," then pressed a button turning off the TV, and moved on with our day. Well, we can't click a button and turn this off now, unfortunately. Life is now imitating art.

While some are fortunate enough to work from home, care for their family, and video chat with their friends, focusing on any one task is pretty challenging to do at this time. We have some tips that you can use to help you complete your responsibilities during this time and reduce distractions.

Create a game plan

The night before, or the morning of, make a list of what goals need to be accomplished that day. If you have big goals that need to be tackled, break them down into smaller tasks so you can complete them correctly.


Limit social media

Some of us use it as a means to get the news, others as a way to keep connected to family and friends. Regardless of what you use it for, it's a good idea to limit your consumption of social media to specific periods during the day.

A great app to use to stay off of your phone is Plantie. This app allows you to set up a timer for dedicated time to stay off your phone. During that time, a tree will grow. If you veer off the app, the tree stops growing, and you have to start over.

It's a pleasant visual to have on your phone and a good reminder to leave the phone alone while you're working on a task. Plantie has some fun built-in gamification, too. You earn points and different types of trees every time you allow the timer to complete on its own.


Turn off television (or news livestreams)

Virtually every channel you turn to will have some grim news to report, which will kick up the anxiety meter a few notches. Keep the TV off while you're trying to get some needed tasks done that require your undivided attention.

Location, location, location

If you're considered part of the non-essential workforce and have been required to stay home but can work remotely, then you need to find a quiet place in your home that will allow you to get the necessary work done. If you have a designated area like a desk, set it up so you can mentally be in work mode during a specific time. Put up a 'Do Not Disturb' sign, so family members know you're unavailable during that time.


Schedule breaks

Even though you're working from home, you should still take breaks every few hours to avoid burn out and overwhelm. This will give your brain the needed recharge needed to keep pushing forward.


Remember, your health is a priority

All the things that need to be done are valid, but an essential thing that you need to do is take care of yourself. Make sure you're getting the proper nutrition and adequate sleep so you can be at your best the following day.

If you don't have the right energy, it'll be hard to focus, and your health won't be optimal. Take care of yourself so you can function at your highest level and take care of your loved ones while reducing distractions.

This time isn't the time to panic. Stay informed, but don't get consumed with all of the news that's floating around. We're collectively going through this together and need to help each other out during this time so that we can get to the light at the end of this tunnel.

Stay strong, have hope, and be kind to each other.


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