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Get Rid of Cracked Lips With Lip Oil Benefits amp How To

Get Rid of Cracked Lips With Lip Oil: Benefits & How To

Not quite a lipstick, not quite a gloss. Learn about lip oil benefits and how lip oil can bring your cracked, chapped lips back to life.

We’ve listed some of the most important lip oil benefits that you should be aware of.

Winter has left our lips bruised and dry. Cold winds and dry air have caused them to dehydrate and crack (ouch!). Unfortunately, regular products, like lip balm, simply won’t cut it.

Instead of reaching at the bottom of your purse for your lip balm or mini Vaseline, try the newest lip trend: lip oil! Lip oil will not only hydrate your lips but also provide a natural-looking shine to them, as well. Some brands even offer tinted lip oils to try. Here are some lip oil benefits you should know about!


So, what exactly is lip oil?

Lip oils are products with a consistency somewhere between a balm and a gloss. They may be used specifically for skin hydration only or may be infused with a pigment to help give color to the lips, similar to traditional lipsticks. 

What are the benefits?

At the base level, lip oil boosts hydration and improves skin cells. By simply adding lip oils into your beauty routine you can eliminate dehydrated lips, prevent dead skin cells, and cracked lips.

Lip oils create a protective barrier from the harsh, cold winds and each use will improve the texture and moisture content of your lips. You can even sleep with your lip oil on to let the product sink into the skin overnight. Also, lip oils also offer a lightweight finish that is glossy and not sticky, so you don’t have to worry about hair strands getting stuck on your lips and ruining your look.


Is there anything to avoid when looking for a good lip oil?

When purchasing lip oils avoid anything that includes synthetic fragrances, camphor, menthol, and salicylic acid, because these ingredients can disrupt the other skin layer, leading to loss of hydration and inflammation.

What ingredients should my lip oil contain?

Now that we know what ingredients to avoid, here's what you should look for: natural ingredients, like coconut or jojoba seed oil. Either of these will help moisturize your dry lips and bring them back to life.

By adding lip oils in your daily routine you’ll find your lips going back to their healthy, moisturized state ASAP! Just apply a good lip oil 2-3 times a day and we're certain you’ll be happy with the results.

Did this list of lip oil benefits help you? Let us know!


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