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How To Stay Proactive and Entertained While Social Distancing

How To Stay Proactive and Entertained While Social Distancing

Social, or physical distancing, goes against our natural human instincts. Here are 3 small ways to stay proactive.

We all need to find ways to stay proactive while in quarantine.

Right now it’s vital that we as a community social distance ourselves to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. In other words, stay at home if you can! The more of us that stay home the less chance we have of spreading or contracting the virus.

While social distancing, or more accurately physical distancing, is encouraged, there’s no denying that it can feel extremely boring. You can’t go anywhere, you might be working from home, and you can almost feel stuck alone with your thoughts. Trust us, we understand completely. It can be challenging — you can only look at your phone for so long. If you’re like us and having a hard time trying to stay proactive and entertained during this time, follow these simple tips.


1. Set a routine.

Now more than ever, creating a routine is crucial. Setting a routine (even if it’s a simple one) can help you feel more efficient. Something as simple as setting up a morning routine, workout time, and bedtime can make you feel better about how you spent your day.


2. Go on walks around your neighborhood.

Cabin fever is in full force right now, especially since we can’t go anywhere. If you’re itching to go outside, go on walks in your neighborhood. This is a wonderful way to get some fresh air, some sunlight (hopefully), and take your mind off of things. If you run into other walkers, please make sure you stay at least 6 feet away from them. This is not the time to form a “neighborhood walk” group. Walk with people in your household or by yourself to abide by the recommendations from the CDC.

*Please note that every state has different recommendations regarding outside activities, we advise you check them beforehand!*


3. Facetime or Zoom parties with your friends.

Just because we are physical distancing, doesn’t mean you should stop talking to all your friends and loved ones. Facetime or Zoom them to talk and catch up on your days. You are not alone just because you can’t see them. We recommend virtually connecting with your friends with a glass of wine or your favorite beverage. It makes conversations 10 times more fun!

Times can be uncertain right now, but try to stay proactive and positive. We're all in this together, as cliché as it may sound.


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