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7 Virtual Motherrsquos Day Ideas To try Out This Year

7 Virtual Mother’s Day Ideas To try Out This Year

Mark your calendars, because May 10, 2022 will be a Mother's Day to remember. These virtual Mother’s Day ideas will make sure of it!

Try out these virtual Mother’s Day ideas these year to show your mom you care!

This year, celebrating your mom is going to look a whole lot different, thanks to social distancing guidelines being extended until at least May 15 in many American states. But rest assured, where there's a will, there's a way, and just because you can't hug her in person, it doesn't mean you can't still toast mom on her special day. And if you're lucky enough to be able to see her in person, you can still have fun with the virtual Mother’s Day ideas we list below.

2020 has already seen families mark major holidays, including Easter and Passover, by sharing traditional meals with their loved ones over a video call. Indeed, thanks to the wealth of technology at our disposal and an abundance of time at home, it's made keeping in contact with family members all over the world an integral part of our new daily routines.

A video call catch-up may already be on your agenda for Mother’s Day. Perfect time to add a memorable and interactive element to mark the occasion. We've got a few to recommend.


1. Painting and Prosecco

You don't have to be Picasso to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of art. Stock up on a canvas and some materials and see where the creativity takes you both. Prosecco is, of course, optional, but maybe the bubbles will inspire you to relax and unwind (something we all need right now).

2. Food or Wine Tasting

Are you a food lover at heart? Indulge your inner Julia Childs by deciding on a category, theme, or a mini menu and then share tasting notes during your catch-up call. From chocolate to cheese, most people have a certain type of food they just can't get enough of. You can each prepare a selection to nibble on while swapping recommendations and tasting notes.


3. Cooking Lesson

While YouTube has no shortage of cooking tutorials, there's no comparison to learning cherished family recipes from your mom. Perhaps you've always had a soft spot for your mom's baking or maybe her roast dinner is unparalleled. Having her share the preparation method as you follow along in your own kitchen will be a memorable bonding experience.

4. Spa Time

Some TLC is definitely welcome right now, so why not incorporate face masks or at-home manicures and pedicures into your catch-up?


5. Makeup Lesson

Sharing beauty wisdom is another intimate ritual that tends to bond mothers and daughters. Your mom might be curious about how to use a product she has lying around, or be intrigued to learn about new formulas or trending ingredients.


6. Movie Night

With Netflix Party, you can easily host a long-distance viewing night with your mom from anywhere in the world. The feature synchronizes video playback and allows you to chat simultaneously about what's happening.

7. Joint Experience

With Airbnb’s Online Experiences, the world truly is your oyster. From astrology workshops to Turkish fortune readings and magic shows, the platform is offering a real escape from normality. You can even spend an afternoon in a city like Paris — without ever having to leave your sofa — thanks to panoramic video tours.

Like these virtual Mother’s Day ideas? Let us know what you and your mom do this year!


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