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MOBILESTYLES Nationwide PRO Spotlight

MOBILESTYLES Nationwide PRO Spotlight — Carolina C.

Carolina is a brand new MOBILESTYLES PRO hair stylist from Rockville Centre, NY. Take a look at her traveling, on-demand hair services!

Need a hair stylist in Rockville Centre, NY? Carolina’s got you covered!

Our talented PROs come from all over the United States. We've recently had the chance to chat with Carolina, one of our hair stylists in Rockville Centre, NY. With three decades' worth of experience, she knows that building a good rapport with her clients is key. She enjoys enhancing natural features and helping others feel good about themselves.


What inspired you to work in the health and beauty industry?

I personally love helping women feel better about themselves by changing their image and improving their own beauty. My clients are already beautiful, but I enjoy helping them look and feel more confident about themselves, that’s why I entered this industry.

Tell us about your unique qualities.

I’m unique because of my experience. I’ve been working 30 years in this profession and I’m always updating my skills. I try to learn from the best professors in the best schools and stay knowledgable at all times.

Describe the experience you provide to your clients.

When I client comes to me for a hair cut, I try to guide them in the right direction. Since I’ve been doing this for 30 years now, I’m able to find the right style for all kinds of clients.


What is your take on the "perfect client"?

The perfect client for me is one that can give me good feedback and good info regarding what they want. It’s important that I know what my customers want, what their desires are, and their expectations. The more I know or the more info they give me, the better. That way, I know how to tailor my approach to work with them.

Are there any classes or training sessions that you're in right now or hoping to join in the future?

At the moment, I’m not taking any classes, but I’m usually enrolled in some type of training. I’m looking forward to IBS which is coming up soon in New York (if it's happening still!). I’ll definitely be attending the show to get the latest updates about hair color, makeup, skincare, products, and everything else related to beauty!

Is there an educational opportunity that you wish existed but currently doesn't?

I’m always interested in finding classes related to health or beauty. I think more classes teaching about new techniques are always appreciated. I personally would like to get to know more about wigs too, and maybe more about cinematic/dramatic makeup.


How do you keep up with current trends?

Through reading, movies, and following celebrities/famous artists.

What new health or beauty trends are you most interested in?

Everything about nutrition catches my interest. I believe that a person’s health depends on their nutrition, so it’s a necessity to keep up with nutrition.

In addition to the marketing tools that MOBILESTYLES provides, such as video and shareable profile pages - what other marketing tools and resources do you use?

Other than using MOBILESTYLES App, I market myself with business cards and Instagram. I don’t have my own website yet, but I’m looking into it.


What are some obstacles you've had to overcome within this industry?

My biggest obstacle was money. Beauty education is very expensive and I had to save up so that I could afford to go to training.

We'd love to hear one of your best health and beauty PRO tips.

I recommend eating natural, fresh foods that don’t contain preservatives.

In your opinion, what are the most common health or beauty mistakes people make?

I see clients all the time that come to with a photograph of someone else and ask me to re-create the same look for them, but everybody is different. Every individual has different skin and hair, so a certain style may work on some people, but not others. The look you want may end up looking completely different on you than the person you’re trying to copy from. I do my best to create the looks for my clients, but it’s important to know that the outcome depends on the hair.


Name one health and beauty service everyone needs to try.

More hair treatments. Most customers like to ask for color or chemical processes, but they don’t want to spend their time or money on treatments.

Health and beauty PROs or celebrities that you dream of collaborating with?

Health-wise, I would love to work with Sascha Fitness. For beauty, Pivot Point Academy is a hair school I want to partner with.

Favorite health and beauty products? 

My favorite products come from All-Nutrient, Phyto, and Obliphica. I like these haircare lines because I’ve tried their products in the past, and they work. They're not necessarily organic, but they are clean. I like that they’re paraben-free; it’s important for me that I use clean, chemical-free products when working with clients.

Need a hair stylist in Rockville Centre, NY? Book Carolina on the MOBILESTYLES App, and get started on your dream hair today!


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