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10 Fun Sarcastic Graphic Tees We Can All Relate to

10 Fun, Sarcastic Graphic Tees We Can All Relate to

Sometimes, all we need is a great T-shirt that can make us laugh, so check out these 10 fun sarcastic graphic tees that totally get us.

These sarcastic graphic tees are great for setting the tone of your day!

T-shirts are great. Graphic T-shirts are even better! They're comfortable, easy to wash, come in loads of colors, and of course, many of them are hilarious. And we can all use some laughter in our lives right about now.

For a good chuckle, keep scrolling to see 10 fun and sarcastic graphic tees that we all can relate to.


1. Adulting

In all honesty, becoming an adult seems great — no bedtime, more freedom, and you don’t have to follow your parents’ rules. However, once we hit adulthood, we start to realize that it is a lot harder than we think. This shirt from Spencer’s explains how we all really feel about being an adult.



2. This Tee Says It All

Whether the gym is open or not, trying to get any kind of exercise done is hard especially when we are at home binging our favorite shows. If this tee speaks to you on a spiritual level, check out Crazy Dog T-shirts.

imageCrazy Dog T-Shirts

3. Relationship Status

We’ve all been single at one point in our lives. And, some of us have been or are taken. However, this Hot Topic graphic tee takes a relationship status to a new level — ninja. And, truthfully, most of us rather be a ninja over single or taken.

imageHot Topic

4. Because Google Knows

We are currently living in the age of the internet, and like most of the younger generations, we absolutely can’t live without it. We’re at the point where Google has all the information we need — even if we mistakenly self-diagnosis ourselves with horrible illnesses or diseases. And, there’s no doubt that we’ve all said exactly what this Busted Tees T-shirt says at least once.

imageBusted Tees

5. Dance Worthy

A popular dance that young kids have been doing and adults have been attempting is flossing. This Hot Topic graphic tee plays along with the dance and your teeth.


Hot Topic

6. Things That Come With Age

Loads of responsibilities are not the only thing that comes with age. The older we get, the more our muscles and bones start to hurt. This Busted Tees shirt explains how we all feel the more we grow up.


Busted Tees shirt

7. All About Food

You know what’s better than tacos and joking about exercise — combining the two into a fun t-shirt. Add this taco-related tee from Amazon into your closet for even more laughs and giggles whenever you go out.



8. Wives Can Find Everything

All the husbands out there, let’s be honest, your wife most likely keeps your home going especially when you lose things. This tee from Crazy Dog T-shirts knows that if your wife can’t find it then that item is really lost (hopefully it wasn’t your car keys.)


Crazy Dog T-shirts

9. Proper Grammar Helps

We’ve all known at least one person who isn’t an English teacher that has corrected our grammar. And, after seeing this Busted Tees shirt, we all know now how important proper a comma actually is.


Busted Tees

10. Math Can Be Simple

And, finally for all the math teachers and parents who have had to become the math teacher during social distancing, here’s a Crazy Dog T-shirts graphic tee that you can relate to 100%.


Crazy Dog T-shirts

We hope we’ve made your day with some laughs or possibly found your new favorite graphic tee. Take a photo of your favorite funny, sarcastic graphic tee and share it with us on Instagram!


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