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May the 4th be With You Out-of-This-World Star Wars Makeup Looks

May the 4th be With You: Out-of-This-World Star Wars Makeup Looks

Celebrate Star Wars Day with these 5 Star Wars makeup and hair looks!

These Star Wars makeup and hair ideas are pretty easy to accomplish!

The beginning of May is an exciting time for all Star Wars fans because May 4th is National Star Wars Day. Yes, that means it’s time for you to pull out all the movies and memorabilia and celebrate. A great way to celebrate the day is doing one of these 5 Star Wars makeup and hair looks. You can even use Pat McGrath's new Star Wars Makeup Collection as your palette of choice!

1. Princess Leia Buns

Easily one of the most recognizable Star Wars looks is Princess Leia hair. She has two large buns on the sides of her head. Achieving this look is super simple — all you need is bobby pins, hairspray, and practice. To learn how to create the Leia buns, check Vogue for some great tips.


2. Lightsaber Eyes

Besides the characters in Star Wars, the movie franchise is also known for its powerful weapons — lightsabers. Have fun this year on Stars Wars Day by creating a lightsaber eye makeup look. You can focus on the colors of the lightsabers or even drawing them out while trying to do this look.

3. Intergalactic Spin

Star Wars is all about the Skywalkers, sure, but it's also about the galaxy as a whole, so have a little fun this Star Wars Day by doing an intergalactic look. Get creative with prosthetics, body paint, glitter, wigs, and more while creating this look.


4. Padmé Amidala

An easy way to celebrate Star Wars Day is by recreating Padmé Amidala’s queen look. For this look, you’ll need white and red body paint. First, you will paint your entire face with the white body paint. Next, you will draw on two identical red dots in the middle of your cheeks. Last, you will apply red lipstick on your upper lip and a thick red line in the middle of your lower lip. You can apply mascara and thin eyeliner to your eyes to complete the look.


5. Chewbacca Curls

Another fun hairstyle for Star Wars Day is Chewbacca-inspired curls. The best way to achieve this look is by curling your hair like you normally do with a curler. You are going to want semi-tight curls. Once the curls are there, tease them out to get the volume that Chewbacca’s fur has. For even more 'authenticity' try it out on a wig that is the same color as his fur.

We hope you liked these Star Wars makeup and hair looks. From all of us at MOBILESTYLES, may the Force be with you!


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