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A Vegan Cinco De Mayo Fiesta

A Vegan Cinco De Mayo Fiesta

Here’s how to celebrate vegan Cinco de Mayo if you're following a vegetarian or vegan diet.

Not a fan of animal products? We’ve got ways you can have a vegan Cinco De Mayo!

It’s almost Cinco de Mayo! You might be celebrating at home with your family, alone or video chatting with friends and family. Vegetarians and vegans can easily participate in the festivities since there are so many vegan foods to enjoy in Mexican cuisine. Here are some vegan Cinco De Mayo ideas to try out.

Of course, you have to have a margarita!

Check out a multitude of recipes online for the traditional to the exotic. Almost every food site claims that it has the “best margarita.” If alcohol isn’t your thing, try iced cinnamon coffee or horchata.


And, what is Cinco de Mayo without a great guacamole dip?

Plan on getting ripe or almost ripe avocados a day or two before you plan to eat it or you might be out of luck. Ready-made guac from the store just isn’t the same.

For your main meal, there are so many choices!

You can substitute plant-based meat into any meal, or barbecue veggie spears, make tacos with spinach and ricotta (vegan cheese is always an option!), sweet corn tamales, lentil tacos, or tacos with butternut squash. If you are short on time, make a slow cooker pot of vegetarian chili a day or two earlier and then whip up tacos, taquitos, enchiladas, or a tostada in a flash. Check out The Spruce Eats for a few step-by-step recipes!


What to have for postre?

You’ve got to have dessert! Make it easy with a platter of fresh fruit, an easy no fry ice-cream, or creamy caramel flan.

Gather all the ingredients.

If you can safely distance when shopping, plan ahead to get all your food: tomatoes, lots of avocados, red and white onions, squash, tofu, cabbage, lettuce, lentils, beans, refried beans, fresh fruit, ice-cream, flan ingredients, flan mix, etc. If you can’t get to the market or don’t have the time, consider using Instacart service for a store near you. Imperfect Produce will deliver some lovely veggies to your door but you have to plan a bit ahead for all these services.


Spruce up your space!

No party would be complete without a few decorations. If you have children in your household, why not hang a piñata, and fill it with candy. You can purchase all sorts of decorations at Oriental Trading Company, Amazon, or Amol’s.

MOBILESTYLES wishes you a very Happy Vegan Cinco de Mayo!


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