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Online Therapy Resources You Can Use To Lift Your Spirits

Online Therapy Resources You Can Use To Lift Your Spirits

A little 1-on-1 chat with someone who truly listens can go a long way to bolster our mental health.

We are all navigating this uncertain time together, and one person’s social distancing experience is not the same as the next. One individual may feel fine, whereas another might feel stressed, anxious, or uneasy about the state of our world. Regardless of feelings or circumstances, we need to shift focus on our mental well-being.

One proven way to reduce stress and depression is therapy. In fact, therapy might help with overall personal growth, as well. Mental health services are now offering sessions online, and we've compiled a few resources for you that can help lift your spirits.


Talkspace offers 24-hour access to a therapist, with the option to message via video or audio-only or set up 30-minute live video sessions. You are guaranteed fast response time from a therapist and the app notifies you when they reply. Plus the app is easy to navigate and has a simple sign-up system.



BetterHelp offers the best live sessions with their clients. You can get help by sending the therapist a simple text. If the app is out of your budget, Betterhelp offers a free 7-day trial and financial assistance to anyone who needs it past the trial period.

7 Cups

If you are looking for emotional support but can’t afford therapy, 7 Cups (previously 7 Cups of Tea) provides emotional support for free. Through the app, you can speak to a trained volunteer listener via online chat. Best of all, it’s anonymous. Sometimes it helps to vent or express our concerns with someone just willing to listen.


National Alliance of Mental Illness (NAMI)

You’ve probably heard of NAMI in the news or when citing information about the latest in mental health. Their website offers an entire COVID-19 Resource and Information Guide. Plus, they also offer an entire list of substance abuse support groups, online community support groups, and information on how to pay hospital bills if you can’t do so right now. It’s a wonderful organization and a great place to start if you’re looking for help.

Hopefully, these online options above can help you navigate your daily life during this time. Stay healthy, stay home, and stay safe.


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