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Skip the Pastels How To Dress With Dark Wear Style

Skip the Pastels: How To Dress With Dark Wear Style

It's okay to drape yourself in darker colors during spring if you're not into the pastel colors. Here's how!

Your spring dark wear style starts here!

When we think of spring, we think of animals, sunshine, rain, Easter, and of course, pastels. Instead of changing up your entire wardrobe for the season, here are a few ways to outfit yourself for spring with dark wear style.


Stick With Your Floral Prints

The easiest way to dress for spring with dark colors is to wear clothing that has a bold floral print. The floral print will still give a nod to the blooming spring flowers while still avoiding bright colors and pastels.

Your Olives & Mustards Can Stay

Typical spring colors people think of are greens and yellows. Instead of opting for the brighter shades of green and yellow, you can stick with olives and mustard colors. Olives and mustards give the vibe that you are embracing spring while still enjoying darker shades. You can pair your olive and mustard pieces of clothing with light denim, flowy skirts, or other material that is loose or light and give off that spring feeling.


Add New Accessories

One of the best ways to continue wearing your darker clothing items in spring is by pairing them up with fun accessories. You can take a dark top or dress and add on a colorful, bold necklace or tie (for the men or women!) or handbag to make your outfit shout spring. Other ways to accessorize darker clothes are with colorful and fun shoes or makeup.


Replace Heavy Materials With Lighter Materials

When spring comes, the colder weather starts to fade and warmer days start to emerge, so another great option for wearing darker colors this season is replacing your heavy materials like coats and sweaters with lighter materials like cardigans and blouses. By sticking with lighter materials, you will already be spring-ready without even having to worry about wearing lighter colors.

These are just a few ways to dress for spring with dark wear style. No matter what you decide to wear this season, just remember as long as you love the outfit you're wearing, you will look fabulous in anything!


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