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How To Host a Digital Zoom Skincare Party With Your Friends

How To Host a Digital Zoom Skincare Party With Your Friends

These days, it's Zoom's world — and we're just living in it. Might as well work on some self-care with your besties via a Zoom skincare party!

Throwing a Zoom skincare party is a great way to stay connected with your besties!

As we collectively navigate the global pandemic, the communications platform has revolutionized how we do everything. From work calls to weddings, just about every facet of modern life is now being conducted via Zoom video calls.

As traditional salons were one of the first businesses to shutter nationwide, people quickly sought to get creative when it came to keeping up their self-care routines, often involving their friends. Though MOBILESTYLES is still offering the convenience of a safe in-home appointment with a professional esthetician (ideal when you need to urgently nix a zit before a FaceTime date), many people are turning the relaxing ritual of skincare into an excuse to connect with others in a low-key but fun way.

Here’s what you need to bring the zen vibes of a spa day with your clique to the comfort of your home with a Zoom skincare party.


Set the Scene

Think about the elements that make you truly relaxed when you’re having a treatment. Luckily, it’s pretty straightforward to recreate that atmosphere at home on a budget. Choose a soothing Spotify playlist, light that good candle you’ve supposedly been saving, and dab some lavender oil on your pulse points. Magic!



Decide ahead of time in your group chat about what you want to gain from your skincare party. Perhaps some people are curious about an ingredient like retinol or vitamin C and want to learn about best practices and recommendations. Or maybe everyone needs to discuss tried-and-tested ways to boost hydration. Then again, maybe the agenda is just to ‘sheet mask and gossip.’


Product Reviews

With no shortage of online sales, there is an abundance of mega deals to be found on cult beauty products. Is there some miracle product that you have had your eye on for the last year? Maybe now is the time to treat yourself to something small to brighten up the next few weeks. Whether it’s a drugstore hero buy you’ve always been intrigued about, or a pot of fancy moisturizer with a tempting discount, take notes on how it’s working for you and if it warrants the hype. Ask your friends to do the same (realistically, we all have products at home that we haven’t even opened yet) and hop on a call to chat about the pros and cons of your various trials.



There is an abundance of skincare wisdom to be found on platforms like YouTube and Instagram Live. Take for example the concept of facial massage with Traditional Chinese Medicine tools including gua sha stones and jade rollers — or your hands — which has been enjoying a moment in the limelight recently. Have one person share a ‘how-to guide’ on their screen with the group while you all try the modality at home for yourselves.


Go Pro

Seeing as you’re saving a buck on not going to the actual spa with your girlfriends, consider chipping in to support a professional esthetician to join the group video call. Take it in turns to ask about what’s bugging you: let’s be real, everyone is experiencing some form of a stress-related breakout or complexion woe right now. Plus, surely you’ll radiate from knowing you did a good deed and helped support someone whose work is challenged at this time.

Two Birds, One Stone

Maybe you already have a standing digital date with your pals, like a weekly coffee morning or a monthly book club meetup (or, Wine Wednesday, which should be on your calendar if it’s not already.) Why not incorporate skincare into this, to add an extra element to chat about. Even if it’s as simple as popping on some cooling eye patches as you share a virtual cappuccino; it’s all about those little moments of pampering at a time like this.

Have you tried having a Zoom skincare party before? You definitely should after reading this!


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