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These Creative Family Activities Will Keep Kids Entertained at Home

These Creative Family Activities Will Keep Kids Entertained at Home

We've got a few creative family activities to keep the kids busy and have the whole family join in the fun for this International Day of Families!

We have a list of fun and creative family activities you can do indoors!

One silver lining of staying at home more is that you get to spend more time with to experience creative family activities.



A great way to keep the kiddos active and creative is by painting. Whether it is on a canvas, paper, coloring book, or rock, most kids will have a blast creating their next colorful masterpiece. To avoid unwanted paint messes, place tarps or newspapers on the surface they are painting on.


Make a Movie or Play

Children are great storytellers and no better way of bringing their fun stories to life than to make a movie or a play. This is a great activity to bring everyone in the family together to get involved in creating the movie or play.


Family Camping Night

If your family has a decent-sized backyard, then having a family camping night is a great way to keep you and the kids entertained while making many fun memories at the same time. Grab out a tent, flashlight, s’mores, and stare up at the stars late at night. You can also "camp" indoors by setting up blanket tents around the living room or in their rooms. 


Water Balloon Fight

With the weather warming up, your kids will want to head outside to let out some energy. A fun way to enjoy the sun is by having a water balloon fight. For more fun in the sun, set up an outdoor obstacle course to go along with it!


Fashion Show

Kids grow up so fast — so fast that they only wear certain pieces of clothing only once. Instead of letting that cute dress or outfit just hang in the closet, let your kids have a fashion show. Set up a runway and a camera and encourage your kids to strut down with their favorite outfits on. Prizes for the most creative use of accessories. 


Cooking Fun

A great activity for young kids, as well as teenagers, is to teach them how to cook. Not only are they learning how to be more independent, but they are also helping you out and that’s a win in our books!


Home Scavenger Hunt

Being cooped up at home can cause your kids to go stir crazy. Keep them entertained and physically active by organizing a home scavenger hunt. Hide all the items in the scavenger hunt, make fun clues and riddles, and let your kids start their search. Once they find everything, give them a fun prize.


Start a Garden

During this period of limiting your trips to the grocery store is the perfect time to start a family garden. Let your kids pick out their favorite fruits and veggies and plant them in a garden area in your backyard or different pots.

With these creative family activities in front of you, it’s time to start letting your kids have even more fun at home while making amazing memories at the same time!


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