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Go Green by Dressing Sustainably With These Brands

Go Green by Dressing Sustainably With These Brands

Let’s save the Earth by supporting these sustainable clothing options and dressing sustainably.

Dressing sustainably doesn’t have to be difficult when you have this list!

Every year, millions of pounds of usable clothing, fabric, and textiles are thrown away to sit in a landfill. Plus, fast fashion companies and their manufacturers emit a ton of gases in the air (and have terribly inhumane working conditions). Instead of killing the Earth, let’s save it! Check out below on how to save the Earth by supporting and dressing sustainably. 

Buy from Sustainable Clothing Stores

You can help save the Earth by shopping from sustainable clothing stores. Sustainable clothing stores are stores that sell clothes made from recycled fabrics and textiles, support environmentally-friendly fabrics, and practice ethical international and national work operations. Sustainable clothing brands and stores that you can shop at include Eileen Fisher, Everlane, Kotn, and more.

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Buy Secondhand

One of the best ways to save the Earth by supporting sustainable clothing is to buy secondhand. Visit your local thrift stores, yard sales, and resale stores to find awesome affordable clothing. You can also shop online on thredUP. ThredUP sells secondhand clothing that is either name brand, new with tags, or in great condition. While shopping secondhand, you never know what awesome treasures you will find. 


Recycle Fabrics

If you have a bunch of torn or unused fabrics and textiles, then you can recycle it over throwing it away. The average American throws away 81 pounds of reusable fabrics and textiles each year. Instead of letting it sit at the landfill, recycle your fabric at your closest textile recycler. For more information or to find textile recycling centers near you, visit TerraCycle


Donate Unwanted Clothing

When in doubt, the best way to support sustainable clothing options is to donate unwanted clothing. Donating your old clothes beats them sitting and rotting in a landfill, plus it may end up helping someone who really needs it. You can donate your clothes to local thrift stores or in clothing and shoe donation boxes located at shopping centers. 

Now that you are well-versed in dressing sustainably, it’s time to start saving the Earth. Remember to always donate and recycle! 


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