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Stay Cool This Summer With These 5 Water Party Games

Stay Cool This Summer With These 5 Water Party Games

Water you waiting for? Here are 5 summer water party games to keep you cool all season long.

These water party games are always a blast during the summer!

The best way to beat the summer heat while staying active at the same time involves playing in the water. Whether you have a swimming pool or not, you can still participate in a ton of different water activities. Check out below for 5 summer water party games to keep you cool all season long. 


Water Polo

If you have a pool and at least five people, you can enjoy a game of water polo. All you need is a ball and a net, and you are good to go. Water polo is considered a professional sport and has the ‘royal seal of approval’ in England. To learn more about water polo, the history, and how to play, check out


Water Balloon Toss

Summer and water balloons go hand-in-hand especially when you have active kids. This is a great water game that lets you run around without getting overheated. You can find water balloons at your local supermarket, dollar store, or even online. 

Water Relay

If you have older children or you have multiple roommates, a water relay is the perfect summer water game. Pick teams and start racing. This is a great activity that not only involves many people but is a great workout as well. A great replacement if you don’t have a pool is a water obstacle course. 


Slip N’ Slide

You don’t need a swimming pool to have fun water games. If you have a large yard and a water hose, then a slip n’ slide is perfect for your family. You can find a wide variety of slip n’ slides in-store and online. We recommend this Banzai Triple Racer 16ft Water Slide


Sprinkler Fun 

Who needs a pool or a slip n’ slide when you can have just as much fun with a water sprinkler? This water party game is also great for younger children or if you don’t have a huge yard. Plus, you are watering your grass at the same time — it’s a win-win. 

With these water games in mind, it’s time to cool off and have some fun outside. 


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