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Affordable Celebrity Products You Need to Know About

Affordable Celebrity Products You Need to Know About

It turns out we can still easily indulge in little moments of celebrity-worthy pampering at home. These celebrity products will definitely help!

These celebrity products are all affordable and amazing!

It’s not usual to see the world’s most glamorous celebrities beaming on advertisements for beauty products, but did you know that some of the world’s leading stars are sometimes the brains behind the brands too?

While we can’t always access the makeup gurus, facialists, and hair stylists that the A-list have on speed dial, it turns out we can still easily indulge in little moments of pampering at home with these celebrity products.

Here are some of our go-to hero brands for when we need to feel like we could take on a red carpet if given the opportunity.


Pattern Beauty

Actress Tracee Ellis Ross is known for her statement-making curly hair, as was her iconic songstress mom Diana. It therefore made total sense when the star launched Pattern, a hair-care line for people with curls ranging from 3B to 4C textures, all housed in awesome, colorful packaging. Ross told Allure she had been dreaming about an affordable brand that could take the laborious chore out of styling natural hair ever since she was a teenager. Prices start at $9 for a 3-ounce bottle of shampoo.


Flower Beauty

Whether it’s wine or home interiors, there aren’t many things Drew Barrymore has yet to turn her hand to. Of course, the actress’ makeup brand Flower Beauty has also won over her legion of fans. The line was launched at Walmarts across the country in 2013, but is now available inexpensively at the likes of Ulta, Superdrug and Kroger.


Iman Cosmetics

While Fenty Beauty mogul Rihanna was still in diapers, legendary model and muse Iman developed a beauty brand aimed at presenting women of color with more options than the leading cosmetics companies traditionally did at the time. Since 1994, Iman Cosmetics has been a go-to brand for premium products designed with darker skin tones in mind.


Florence by Mills

Despite being just 16-years-old, British actress Millie Bobby Brown has achieved more stardom than people triple her age. The Stranger Things star launched her clean skincare and beauty line, Florence by Mills, in 2019. The range of fun, lilac packaging-hued products with names like Zero Chill Face Mist and Dreamy Dew Moisturizer immediately became a hit with her huge Gen-Z fan base.



She’s not called The Body for nothing! Aussie supermodel Elle Macpherson has long since had one of the most honed and toned figures in the game, prompting many to wonder the secret to her seemingly eternal youthful glow. The mom-of-two launched WelleCo in 2014; a range of plant-based ingestible beauty products and dietary supplements designed by nutritional doctors. We’ll have what she’s having….



Despite being one of the most popular SPF offerings on the market, it might still come as a surprise that tennis ace Maria Sharapova is a co-owner of this innovative clean, reef safe, cruelty-free brand.


Love Wellness

The Hills alum Lo Bosworth founded her clean personal care products for women in her apartment in 2016 in a bid to heal her own health struggles. Bosworth is aiming to take the stigma away from talking about feminine care products, and has since expanded into offering supplements for skin, gut health, sleep, and hormones. These celebrity products are all affordable and worth every penny!


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