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5 Tips To Maximize Small Room Space

5 Tips To Maximize Small Room Space

You don’t need a big space to have big ambitions! For some people, it can feel claustrophobic living in a small room space.

Here are some great ways to utilize small room space to your advantage.

For others, it can feel cozy and safe. However, it’s easy to feel like a space is almost too small for everything you need. That’s when you need to get creative and figure out the ways you can maximize your small room space into its full potential.

1. Work vertically

When you’re working with a small space, it’s important to utilize the space as much as you can. A lot of people forget about using the space above their heads. Adding paintings higher on the wall or higher shelves can move your vision upwards which will make any space appear taller and grander.


2. Buy versatile products

Buying products that can double up as two different things is essential when you’re working with a small living space. For example, using a coffee table that you can transform into a desk or dining table is a great use of the space. Additionally, buying seating or surfaces that have hidden storage spaces underneath are a smart use of hiding clutter to keep the space looking clean and organized. Fun tip: Don’t have space for a side table because the couch is against the wall? Get a spice rack and hang it up near the arm of the couch. This will work as a surface for a guest to put a drink or their phone!


3. Add reflections

Mirrors effectively bounce light around the room and add an illusion that can actually make your space appear way larger than it is. Try adding a coffee table with a reflective surface to bounce the window light from the table onto the ceiling. You can also achieve this look with simple decorative items that are reflective.

4. Use glass

Using glass in your decor or furniture allows for the space to continue to feel open and airy. For example, using a glass coffee table will let your vision see through to the floor instead of stopping the line of sight as soon as you see the table. This keeps your vision moving past the furniture, which will give the appearance of a larger space.


5. Use a light color scheme

Try going for a lighter color scheme in your apartment if you’re trying to make the space feel more open and large. Stick to creams, beiges, and a few pops of color and your space will not only look bigger, but will feel so fresh and inviting. Using darker colors can trick the eyes into thinking you're in a box rather than an open room.

Sometimes the smallest changes to your space can make a huge difference. Using just one of the tips will definitely make your space appear larger and make you feel like you’re really maximizing the use of your small room space.


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