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7 Summer Socially Distant Vacation Ideas

7 Summer Socially Distant Vacation Ideas

Vacation plans down the drain? Don’t worry, because here are 7 summer socially distant vacation ideas for traveling.

Stay safe with these socially distant vacation travel ideas!

This year is a little bit different when it comes to our summer travel plans. As a way to stay healthy and safe this season, many people have canceled their summer plans to practice social distancing. But, your summer doesn’t have to be bland. Instead, we found 7 summer socially distant vacation travel ideas.

Rent an Airbnb

Sometimes all you need is to spend a week away from home. Whether you decide to stay in town or travel a little further away, renting an Airbnb will be the savior of your summer travel plans this year. Airbnb has tons of housing options with a variety of prices all over the world. Most houses come with loads of amenities like wifi, towels, shampoo/conditioner, cable, a kitchen, and more. Find a location or area that you have been wanting to check out and check into the closest Airbnb. Then, BAM your vacation is all set.

surfside beach oceanfront hotel

Rent a Beach House

Just like an Airbnb, a beach house includes a ton of amenities but as a bonus, it includes a beach close-by. Renting a beach house is a great travel idea for a family trip or a girls’ weekend. Make sure to do your research before renting to make sure you are not traveling to a populated beach.

Go Camping

You don’t need an expensive hotel or resort to enjoy traveling this summer. All you really need is a tent, sleeping bag, and camping supplies. Camping is a great way to take in all of Mother Nature’s beauty, get some sun, take some amazing photos, and most of all stay away from congested areas. For even more fun, find a campsite that has hiking trails.

man standing on tree branch

Explore a Secluded Area

Are you into exploring the unknown? Then traveling out to a secluded area may be a great option for you this summer. Find a wooded area, a grassy plain, or even an abandoned building and start on your summer adventure. Make sure to bring along a friend and a camera to document everything you find.

Take a Dip at a Lake or Pond

Cool off while traveling this summer by heading out to a lake or pond. Enjoying the cool water is always a great travel idea. You get the experience of what it feels like to head to the beach but without the sand and saltwater. Plus, be on the lookout for a lake house to rent to complete the trip.

Rent a Camper or RV

If you have the travel bug, the best way to appease it is by renting a camper or RV. You can make camp at a random RV park or campsite or enjoy a much-needed road trip. The best part of campers and RVs is that it includes everything you need to live just in a smaller space. You’ll definitely have a great time ‘roughing it’ in a camper with a close friend, family member, or significant other.

Enjoy a Stay-cation

Who needs to go out and travel? Instead, have a staycation at your own home. You don’t have to worry about packing, finding a destination, or spending money, but you can still relax and enjoy your break from the comfort of your own home. To make your staycation even more fun, create a little theme, like beach vibes or city lights throughout your home. Socially distant vacations could be a new and exciting way of spending some time away from the world.

With these in travel ideas in mind, let us know what you did or where you went. Tag us on Instagram, so we can see the ways that you enjoy summer while social distancing.


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