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8 safe travel locations for life after Covid-19

8 safe travel locations for life after Covid-19

Traveling may not be the first thing on your to-do list after the experts have deemed it safe to get out.

With all the travel restrictions, stories of travelers getting stuck and having a difficult time returning home have put a bad taste in a lot of adventurers' mouths. The travel industry has taken a massive hit with 51% of Americans canceling or postponing trips due to the coronavirus. 

In addition to that, there are millions of Americans without jobs, unable to afford a vacation in the near future. When polled, most people say they're not looking to make any travel plans until there's a vaccine in sight. When the time is right, and the globe has flattened the curve, there will be time to think about travel. 

Here are some places to consider when that time comes. These locations have had the best response to the coronavirus, had little known cases, or managed them by providing the right therapies to help those with COVID-19 get better and recover.


Finland was one of the few nations that didn't have to worry about not having enough PPE. They've been stockpiling since WWII and were more than ready when the pandemic hit. Most people go and visit Helsinki, the capital of Finland but don't forget to visit places like Turku or Porvoo, other great attractions you don't want to miss. 

New Zealand

New Zealand tackled the coronavirus was aggressive contact tracing. They did such an impeccable job that they got rid of the disease in its entirety for several weeks and only got 2 more cases from people that came into the country from the UK. 

New Zealand should be one of the first places to visit when the travel industry reopens. Places to check out are Auckland, known for its iconic Sky Tower. Explore Auckland Museum to get a sense of the Polynesian and Maori history.


El Salvador

Known for its weather and beautiful beaches. El Salvador took a pretty firm stance on keeping their countrymen safe by making sure everyone stayed home and only went out twice a week to get groceries. It seems like an over-exaggeration, but this small country and its progressive president focused on keeping the healthcare system from breaking.


Many beautiful places in Jamaica to visit, most tourism takes place in Kingston, but you shouldn't overlook Ocho Rios where you can watch the dolphins at Dolphin Cove or stay at one of their many beautiful resorts.

Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands didn't get as affected as other places because it's not a crowded location. With that being said, the island has some of the most beautiful white sandy beaches and clear ocean waters to enjoying post-coronavirus.


Bermuda had a small number of cases and was only brought into the country by US and UK travelers. They contained the spread by having their communities stay in quarantine, which helped mitigate the coronavirus. Bermuda is set to open the country on July 1st. 

Visit one of the many beaches and do some cliff diving, paddleboarding, surfing, or jog on the beach at sunrise. Bermuda is a place to recharge after the craziness of the last few months.


Eritrea, one of the less-traveled countries in Africa, is a place chosen by those looking for something a little different. Neighboring Ethiopia and Sudan, this country is rich in art deco architecture, plateaus, and soaring peaks. Go diving in the pristine ocean waters of the Dahlak Archipelago, where there are 300 islands scattered throughout the Red Sea.


The Bahamas put in some strict measures to contain the virus's spread, which has worked well for them. With only 104 total cases, they've been able to lessen the spread and reopened in two phases to those that have tested negative. 

Everyone should travel to the Bahamas at least once in their life. With 700 islands to choose from, you're sure to find an activity that will allow you to de-stress, explore, and make memories.

With so many places to visit post-COVID-19, most travelers will be pretty hesitant to hit popular travel destinations that were hit hard by the novel coronavirus. Choosing a stop that had fewer cases is more reassuring for those looking to get back out and travel.


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