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3 Trendy Bangs Hairstyles You Have to Try

3 Trendy Bangs Hairstyles You Have to Try

Bangs are a tough style to pull off, but we can't help but want to try some of these trendy bangs hairstyles.

You have to try out one of these trendy bangs hairstyles.

Bangs get a bad rep, and we’re really not sure why. They can completely change your look without having to do a drastic change to your entire head. However, for some reason, women are still apprehensive about making the small cut. Why? We have seen far too many memes on the internet about regretting bangs when there are all these trendy bangs hairstyles!


1. Straight Across Bangs

You can really never go wrong with the classic blunt bangs. This style immediately transforms your look to look more chic and dare we say. . . mysterious? If you have long, sleek hair, cut your bangs just under your eyebrows instead of above them. This will force the attention onto your best  facial features.

 If you have short hair, you can absolutely still rock the longer blunt bangs without looking too childish. Long or short, bangs like this will polish any look you want to try. 


2. Long bangs

If you don’t want to commit yet to the short bangs, trying a longer look can still elevate your overall hairstyle without the intense commitment of growing out bangs. When you have long hair, it’s easy for it to look one dimensional, even if you have some layers cut in. Bangs help cut that illusion by framing your face. Cutting your bangs so the length is just below the chin elongates your face, making it appear slimmer. 


3. Baby Bangs

Baby bangs are basically smaller bangs that sit higher above your eyebrows. This look can either be really bad or really good. Shorter bangs are a quirkier style and make your haircut look so unique. They also make your entire look you’re going for look more put together. We absolutely love the baby bangs and think everyone should try them at least once. 

If you have been thinking about switching up your hairstyle recently and are not sure what to do, get bangs. You think you’re going to regret it, but you most likely won’t! Even if you do, we all know that hair grows back. We have faith that you’re going to rock that trendy bangs hairstyle! So do it. We believe in you.


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