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Nationwide PRO Spotlight Tona

Nationwide PRO Spotlight Tona!

MOBILESTYLES App invests in our Beauty PROs to expand their craft, brand, and story through our platform and share it with the world.

MOBILESTYLES is determined to deliver these services to your doorstep with a few clicks on our app.

Traditional salons are adapting to on-demand jobs, so MOBILESTYLES App is determined to deliver these services and stories to your doorstep with a few touches on our app.

Tona described that she “fell into the beauty industry”. While she was an undergraduate student studying Biology, she began experimenting with her friend's hair, until she realized she was not supposed to be there, at your average college, but in beauty college. She knew the hardest part of making the switch after investing three years into her undergraduate degree was going to be confronting her mother, telling her she wanted to leave her undergraduate program and begin beauty school. Luckily, her mother met her with excitement and support since Tona’s great grandmother was also a beautician and had an appreciation for the craft.

Tona pro

This was the moment that confirmed Tona was on the right career pathway. She still has a love for life and enjoys incorporating her Biology roots into her services today. She believes this allows her to stand out amongst the other PROs in the beauty industry. She is able to think outside of the box and has the creative “bug” like all other PROs, but truly keeps the essence of hair care, which is an aspect of her services that all clients appreciate. Tona is still able to achieve certain styles and looks clients want and continue to nurture the hair. She calls herself and other PROs, “doctors for your hair” while still making you feel great about what's on your head. Tona is always studying, researching, and practicing, so others can appreciate her career, and it makes her feel like she's improving society.

Even during these times of uncertainty, Tona strives to make her clients feel comfortable during each and every appointment. She requires that each appointment is just one-on-one to limit the spread of germs, ensures a mask is worn by her client while also staying protected by wearing a face shield. She also brings her own sanitizing products; offers natural products of sanitizer, as well as the chemical or commonly accepted products, for the clients to choose based on their preference.

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With all this downtime with fewer people going out and dressing up, people are using this time to let their hair repair by limiting their amounts of treatment. Because of this, Tona believes the trends are leaning toward a more natural approach to hairstyling and hairstyles that have longevity, such as extensions, braids, and other simple styles, such as the messy bun. These styles look effortless, but still are neat and chic.

Finally, with the closing of salons and businesses due to COVID-19, Tona says, “It is in every PROs best interest to join MOBILESTYLES App. Registering with the app will allow PROs to continue to provide services, continue to have a steady flow of income, and continue to maintain a safe work environment.”

If you are ever in the LA area and need coloring, blow dry, flat iron, or dreadlocks, book Tona through the MOBILESTYLES App! She aspires to deliver the service the client asks for, through her own research of trends and advice, and also inspires her clients to try something new. Don’t forget to check out our blog for more wonderful PROs and beauty insights! Follow us on Instagram @mobilestylesapp.


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