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Expired Makeup Check When to Throw a Product Away

Expired Makeup Check: When to Throw a Product Away

Every now and then, we have to perform an expired makeup check to find out which products may be doing more harm than good.

Expired makeup checks are necessary for keeping your skin healthy!

We spend a lot of money on our beauty products. We know the struggle. It’s hard to throw things away that you were never able to finish just because it’s probably gone bad. However, it needs to be done. We tend to keep things longer than we should, and we do it very often with beauty products. So the question is: how do we know when it’s time to throw away a product? Lets begin our expired makeup check!


It doesn’t perform as well

Usually you can tell when it's time for makeup to be thrown out. If your makeup is not performing the way it once was, it’s possible it’s starting to expire. You’ll notice when your liquid makeup starts to dry up and pressed powders start breaking too easily. Some products are harder to tell, like lipstick. Lipstick can last between 12-18 months because of the preservatives added. However, those preservatives start to break down after a year and this can cause bacteria to start to form. Yikes.


This stands for “period after opening” This is the little symbol you’ll see on all of your products that looks like a container of lotion with a number on it. The number usually means the amount of months the product is good for. This is a good rule of thumb for all of your beauty products to follow, especially skin care. Since most skin care has added ingredients like antioxidants and anti-aging properties it's really important to follow this rule.

The issue is that most times the PAO is listed on the packaging and not the product itself. This can make it difficult to remember when to actually throw it away. You can solve this by taking notes of your products, when you bought them, and when they expire.


The consistency has changed

This one is really important. Even if a product looks okay, if the consistency has changed at all, then something is up. If you go to squirt your favorite moisturizer but you see that it’s getting dry and clumpy, do not apply that to your face! Your skin is too important to be applying products like this to it.

Most products can last several years, but we all definitely have had some of our products for way longer than that. It’s time to perform an expired makeup check and get rid of those bad boys!


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