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70s Makeup Style How To Achieve the Look

'70s Makeup Style: How To Achieve the Look

High-octane, dance-floor ready beauty looks are back! Here’s how you can get that '70s makeup style!

Achieving that ‘70s makeup style doesn’t have to be hard!

The era that gave us Studio 54 and classic movies, such as Saturday Night Fever, undoubtedly produced iconic fashion figures, so the decade’s beauty trends mustn’t be forgotten. From big hair to sparkly eyeshadow, here’s how to channel your inner Farrah or Bianca with a '70s makeup style breakdown. 


Disco Hair 

The unofficial beauty mantra of the ‘70s? The higher the hair, the closer to heaven. Every enduring icon from the decade was known for their voluminous locks. Donna Summers and Diana Ross popularized long, bouncy curls while Farrah Fawcett, Lauren Hutton and Jerry Hall made women everywhere lust after blown out wispy blonde bangs. In this tutorial, a hair pro shows how to achieve a glam 70’s inspired look. Grab your platforms and let’s go.


Sultry Smokey Eyes 

Young makeup maestro Sam Visser gave supermodel Sara Sampaio a 70’s bombshell makeover for a recent installment of Violet Grey’s Screen Test series. Known for his work on the likes of Bella Hadid and Kaia Gerber, has long since been inspired by the sultriness of the decade. 

To achieve the quintessential 70’s smouldering eye, Visser created a cat shape with shimmering shades of brown, bronze and gold. In the outer corners, he added a metallic grey hue. To complete the effect, Visser applied black pencil liner at the waterline and applied loads of mascara for volume. 

You can see the entire step-by-step guide here


Glamorous Glitter

While being profiled for beauty e-zine Rose Inc, renowned French makeup artist Violette shared her method for achieving a glittery peachy-pink eye, which gives us major disco queen vibes in the process. Insert *heart-eye emoji*

To pull off the look, Violette opted for biodegradable, eco-friendly glitter in a rose gold tone. She shared that the secret way to a flattering and subtle look is to select a glitter color that disappears into your skin tone with it’s not in direct light. Here’s her cheat sheet: silver/pale pink for fair skin, gold for medium skin tones and copper for dark/deeper complexions.

Sleek and Smooth

Would a '70s makeup style recap be complete without a mention of Cher? More memorable than the multi-faceted Bob Mackie sequin outfit is her recognizable black mane. This video has racked up an impressive 4 million views, showing exactly how to achieve a do that the goddess of pop would be proud of.


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