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How To Build a Jewelry Capsule Collection

How To Build a Jewelry Capsule Collection

We want to show you how to build a jewelry capsule collection so you can stop buying cheap jewelry pieces that inevitably turn your skin green!

Here are some ways to build you jewelry capsule collection.

Repeat after me, stop buying cheap jewelry pieces that inevitably turn your skin green. 

While the draw of buying a multipack of stackable rings or sleeper studs on high-street is always tempting, especially when they’re under 10 bucks a pop. There’s no doubt that these recurrent purchases will end up in the trash once they tarnish.


Sustainability is the biggest buzz word in fashion and the most sustainable thing we can all do is to simply buy less. When it comes to your bling, it means investing once and for all in staples that will stand the test of time and hopefully retain their sparkle.  

I’m not suggesting you flock to Harry Winston or Cartier to replace your once shiny bangles; though, if that is your plan, can you please let me in on your career secrets? But, there are plenty of brands out there that offer solid, timeless pieces with an approachable price tag that’ll fit into your jewelry capsule collection.  

Don’t be tempted by fleeting trends or cocktail jewelry, here’s where to hedge your bets:


Simple and chic should be the name of the game for maximum accessorizing options. On Pinterest, there are countless resources which show exactly where certain chain lengths should be on your neck and decollete -which is particularly helpful if you’re ordering online. 

Want a handy tip? Opt for two plain chains of varying lengths but with a slightly different finish for example, a slinky python chain and a fine link chain. This will allow for lots of layering opportunities, perhaps with more trend-driven or fashionable pieces you already own. 



Diamonds might be a girl’s best friend, but not when you're on a tight budget. The most common reason for green fingers is the copper often used in cheaper, fast-fashion jewelry. If you don’t want to splash too much cash, look for rings that are stainless steel, platinum, or rhodium-plated, so they won’t rust. 

Recently, there has also been an onslaught of new brands offering direct-to-consumer gold jewelry that won’t tarnish in water, which is worth further investigation for those who like to exercise and go to the beach in their bling.



One of the main components to watch out for in earrings is nickel known to cause a skin reaction. When it comes to earrings, you can do no wrong with unabashadley simple studs or small hoops. Lyst’s recently announced hottest products of Q2 2020, and a  pair of affordable gold hoops by Missoma x Lucy Williams made the cut. 

Many contemporary brands offer brass-plated jewelry that, unfortunately, won’t last forever, but with consistent care should last in your jewelry capsule collection. 

If you like the trend for multiple piercings but don’t want to commit, we recommend you check out uber-popular huggies and cuffs, which can simply be attached on to the ear lobe without a piercing. 


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