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5 Vegan Lipstick Brands That Dont Use Carmine

5 Vegan Lipstick Brands That Don't Use Carmine

With these vegan lipstick brands, you don't need to wear crushed bugs anymore!

Switching to vegan lipstick brands can help you avoid adverse effects caused by carmine.

Why should you swap to a vegan lipstick brand to avoid carmine? It’s probably a normal, harmless ingredient, right? What if we told you it was a crushed bug? Carmine is derived from a female insect called cochineal. 

It’s pretty standard for companies to use carmine as a dye in their products. For example, just recently it was discovered that Starbucks was using this ingredient in their Strawberry Frappuccino. A woman ended up creating a petition to have the crush bugs removed from the drink, to which the coffee king complied. 

The dye is often referred to as Natural Red 4, not to be confused with Red 40, and can be found in your shampoos, food coloring, drinks, yogurts, and you guessed it: lipsticks. Not only is it just very weird to be applying dead bugs to your body, but the ingredient has also been known to cause very severe allergic reactions in some people. Here are some carmine-free lipstick brands you can feel safe to order from.


Kat Von D Lipsticks

With over forty shades to choose from, such as glimmery ones, and even matte ones, you’ll absolutely find a lipstick you’ll love. 

Prices range around $20 for a lipstick.


Axiology Lipsticks

They now have lipsticks being sold without the plastic tube packaging. Their lipsticks are not only great for the environment, they are long-lasting and absolutely stunning. 

Prices range around $30 for a lipstick


e.l.f moisturizing lipsticks

If you have dry lips and are also on a budget, e.l.f is the perfect lipstick for you. You can actually find them in most drug stores!

Price ranges from $3 for a lipstick


Mineral fusion lipsticks 

Mineral Fusion has an incredibly nourishing formula your lips will love. The price point is really decent, making it a great option for everyone.

Prices range from $15 a lipstick


Gabriel lipsticks

Gabriel lipsticks are a bit more unique because you can actually find them at most natural health food stores, like Whole Foods Market. Not only are they super moisturizing, but they also come in a wide array of colors. 

Prices range from $17.60 a lipstick

Why bother using a lipstick that contains crushed pests when you can choose from one of these amazing vegan lipstick brands? All these lipsticks are high quality, moisturizing, and so great for you and the environment alike!


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