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Awesome Natural Deodorant Benefits

Awesome Natural Deodorant Benefits

These natural deodorant benefits will have you switching over from your old stick quicker than quick!

These natural deodorant benefits starkly contrast the harmful toxins we’ve been applying for years! 

There have been many studies showing the harmful effects of using conventional deodorants, specifically those containing aluminum. It’s time we make the switch to something a bit healthier, which is why we’re so excited about these natural deodorant benefits.


Cruelty- Free

Natural deodorants are typically not tested on animals because many of the ingredients lack synthetic chemicals. You usually are able to see the brand is cruelty-free on the label. Look for the leaping bunny logo!


Natural Aromas

Most conventional deodorants have strong fragrances. These fragrances can cause irritation, allergies, and organ system toxicity. Most natural deodorants use essential oils to add aroma to their products. Not only are essential oils safe for human use, but essential oils also cannot be replicated synthetically.

Better For Your Underarms

Many conventional deodorants can clog your pores, causing rashes or discomfort. Using a natural deodorant can actually help make your skin clear, softer, and smoother. Additionally, the aluminum in some deodorants can cause the fabric in the underarm area of your clothing to turn yellow after prolonged use. Natural deodorants don’t have this issue.


Detoxing Your Pits

While sweating may feel a bit uncomfortable, sweat is actually our way of regulating temperature and releasing toxins. Antiperspirants work to clog your pores, restricting your body’s ability to sweat and release toxins. That’s why it is called an antiperspirant! This can cause a buildup of sweat, leaving you with bumpy skin and painful irritation. Natural deodorants don’t block the pores, allowing good bacteria to keep working throughout the day. This means less odor even when you’re not wearing deodorant.

Switching to natural deodorants when you've been using conventional deodorant for so long can seem a little intimidating. You may notice that your body may sweat more or experience a little bit more odor than usual. Don't worry! It takes your body a little time to adjust to a more natural product. However, once it does, you'll notice the amazing natural deodorant benefits and how much better you feel!


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