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DIY Hair Growth Secrets for Long Luscious Locks

DIY Hair Growth Secrets for Long, Luscious Locks

We have the best hair growth secrets to achieve long, beautiful, and most importantly, healthy hair!

We all want gorgeous hair, which is why we put together these hair growth secrets!

Growing the long hair of your dreams all stems from your inner and outer health. By nourishing your body, practicing healthy habits, and incorporating these hair growth secrets into your daily life, you’ll be looking like Rapunzel in no time! 

Scalp Massage

Scalp massage is one of the easiest DIY hacks to promote hair growth. The best part about this method is that it’s free and the only thing you really need to achieve great results are your hands! Massaging your scalp each day stimulates hair growth and can even make your hair thicker. Not only does massaging your scalp have great benefits, but it also feels great and helps to reduce stress- sounds like a win-win to us!

The Onion Juice Method

While onion juice is probably the last thing you’d think of when it comes to hair care- this method actually works to promote hair growth. Onion juice improves circulation and blood flow and reduces inflammation which are all key factors when it comes to growing your hair. Simply blend a few onions in a blender/food processor and strain out the liquid. Apply the liquid to your scalp, massage, and leave it on for at least 20 minutes. Rinse out the onion juice, then shampoo and condition as you normally would.

onion for hair

Get Frequent Trims

While this tip isn’t necessarily a hair growth hack, it will help to keep your hair long and healthy. When you’re not getting frequent trims, your ends are more prone to breakage which makes your hair shorter and shorter over time. Frequent hair cuts keep your ends from breaking off and will actually end up making your hair longer, despite technically cutting it shorter.


Take Hair Growth Vitamins

While our bodies naturally contain all of the vitamins necessary to grow strong and healthy hair, many factors can contribute to a lack of hair growth such as stress and an unbalanced diet. While it’s always important to first look at healthy foods to combat vitamin deficiencies, in some cases a hair growth vitamin is the best and most convenient option to promote hair growth! There are so many amazing hair growth vitamins on the market. Be sure to always consult your doctor before taking new supplements.

Consume Lots of Green Tea

Nourish your body and hair from the inside out and consume a few cups of green tea a day! Green tea contains polyphenols that helps to promote hair growth and combat hair loss.

hair loss prevention

Make a DIY hair mask

Another major hair growth secret is called “masking.” Frequently masking your hair will help to hydrate, strengthen, and repair your hair, as well as give it the boost it needs to grow! Popular hair growth friendly ingredients include honey, coconut oil, lemon, egg, yogurt, cinnamon, bananas, apple cider vinegar, and avocado — all of which are probably sitting in your fridge or pantry!


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