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10 Free and Fun Family Summer Activities

10 Free and Fun Family Summer Activities

Because of COVID-19, outdoor family summer activities have become more common.

These free family summer activities will give you a fun trip back to normalcy!

We've compiled a list of (mostly) free and fun family summer activities to create a memorable experience.

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like this novel coronavirus is going away anytime soon. There have been guidelines set in place by the CDC, an estimated time frame as to when a vaccine might be created, and promising treatments that help manage the disease. To make matters worse, a spike in new cases has risen across the country due to the reopening of individual states and the lack of social distancing and face-covering suggested by the CDC.

What should one do now that summer is in full swing, and is prime vacation time? We all want to get out and experience new adventures and create new memories with our families, but now may not be the time to do so to preserve everyone's health. 

We've compiled a list of (mostly) free and fun activities you and your family can enjoy this summer so you can keep the kids entertained and still have the opportunity to create a memorable experience.



You may not be able to head to Yosemite National Park, but you can head to your backyard and pitch your tent or roll out your sleeping bags in your living room. The experience will be completely different, but you can still sit around and tell ghost stories with the lights off and create s' mores on the stove, remember to turn the lights on when you're making the s'mores.


Ride a bike

Studies have shown that Covid-19 doesn't like sunlight and that spending time outside is good for you, so strap on your helmet and go out for a bike ride around your neighborhood.


Fly a kite

Who remembers flying a kite at the beach as a kid? Those were some great memories. It doesn't seem like man people do that as much nowadays, so why not show your kids a nostalgic activity you did when you were a kid, who knows, they may really enjoy it. Just make sure the beach isn't crowded, and there's a breeze to get your kite in the air.



Depending on where you live you might have some great hiking trails in your area or just outside of where you live. Go and explore some new places and appreciate nature.


Charcuterie Board

Create a charcuterie board, more commonly known as a meat and cheese board that may include fruit and nuts and have a picnic in your living room.


Play Chess

Such a great board game to learn; it sharpens your strategic skills and requires a lot of focus and patience.



Anything really - a cake, cupcakes, bread pudding. Who doesn't like sweets? There are so many recipes to choose from that will satiate that sweet tooth.


Plant a garden

Plant a small herb garden if you lack space or plant veggies and fruit if you have a backyard that allows for the fruits of your labor to flourish.


Exercise together

Do this inside or outside. There's nothing better than getting that blood flow pumping through your heart. 


Spa night

There's something soothing about taking care of your face. Enjoy a nice cool sheet mask, hydrating serum, and rich moisturizer while you give each other a mani-pedi, or skip the mani-pedi and add some cuticle oil around your fingers to give them some love.

These family summer activities will give you something to do while adhering to social distancing guidelines and keeping you and your family safe from COVID-19. The goal is to spend quality time with family, and these simple activities will do just that.


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