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Summer Road Trip Essentials for Your Next Excursion

Summer Road Trip Essentials for Your Next Excursion

You won't need to keep daydreaming about your perfect road trip with these summer road trip essentials to help you out!

These summer road trip essentials will have you ready for the best trip ever!

When planning a road trip, you have to ask yourself what kind of experience you want to have, who you want to share the adventure with, and what stops you'll make along the way. For some, road trips are a solo adventure to reset your mental health, find yourself, or connect with new people through the appreciation of learning new things and just getting some time away from your daily norm. No matter where you’re going, these summer road trip essentials will make sure you get there safely and enjoy the trip!

Depending on the season, and what part of the world you live in, will determine what you should take with you on your scenic travel adventure.

There are some essentials you should take with you whenever you go on any road trip to make your expedition comfortable. 



This one should go without saying, but for good measure, we're going to touch on it anyway. If you're traveling across the country, you need to check the weather throughout your trip. Just because you leave your home base and it's hot, doesn't mean that the weather will be warm at your final destination. Pack enough clothes to cover any unforeseen weather you may experience.



Your choice in footwear will depend on the activities you're planning on doing. If you plan on hiking, take the right hiking shoes. If you plan on enjoying a meal at an upscale restaurant, make sure you pack for that type of event. If you're hitting the beach, pack some flip-flops or sandals. 



Yes, your toothpaste and toothbrush. You should also consider taking some dry shampoo for the days your hair needs to be freshened up. Sunscreen because you need to protect your skin from the harsh UV rays that the sun emits, even if it's cloudy. Wet wipes for the days that you feel on the sticky side, having wipes will be a quick and easy way to make you feel comfortable until you can get to a shower.


Reusable water bottle

You never know how long it will take to get to the next gas station or rest area where you can get more water. Make sure you take a large reusable water bottle so you can stay hydrated throughout your trip.


Fuel jug

This is so important and something that you need to have with you. You don't want to get stuck in the middle of nowhere with no gas station in sight. That will not only damper your road trip experience, but it can be scary as well. Make sure you pack 1 or 3 jugs just in case there's no gas station for miles.



Grab yourself a decent-sized cooler so you can store some food you've packed to hold you over from one location to another. Pack enough healthy snacks and easy to make meals like sandwiches, so you aren't starving by the time you get to your next stop.


First-aid kit

You never know what can happen along the way. You could trip and fall, causing you to get a nasty cut, or you could accidentally burn yourself doing who knows what. It's better to have a first-aid kit on hand than to use a shirt to stop the bleeding or not have any antiseptic to prevent infections.

There are other things you should consider taking to make your trip comfortable, like a blanket, a neck pillow, sunglasses, hand sanitizer, and a face-covering for safety measures. 

If you prepare for your trip thoughtfully, you won't have to worry halfway through that you forgot to pack an essential.


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