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No Rate Card Terms and Condition

No Rate Card Terms and Condition

This agreement governs the services by [THE INFLUENCER] for MOBILE STYLES as stated.

Influencer Agreement

Terms and Conditions


Basic Information

Company Name


MOBILESTYLES App INC. 00/00/2020

Influencer Name


Purpose of Agreement

This agreement governs the services by [THE INFLUENCER] for MOBILE STYLES as stated. MOBILESTYLES App would like [THE INFLUENCER]’s assistance in promoting MOBILESTYLES App via their Instagram account. MOBILESTYLES App hereby appoints [THE INFLUENCER] as their representative for the new and upcoming Influencer Outreach 2020 Project, on a non-employee basis to promote and endorse MOBILESTYLES App’s services and features to the target consumers.


Length of Relationship

This contract covers the relationship between MOBILESTYLES and [THE INFLUENCER] for the duration of the INFLUENCER OUTREACH 2020 PROJECT, which will run from 00/00/2020 - 0/00/2020.

Campaign Deliverables

Content Format

[THE INFLUENCER] is responsible for creating content that is original and should properly represent MOBILESTYLES as mentioned in the campaign brief. [THE INFLUENCER] shall conform to the service instructions and specifications of MOBILESTYLES App and abide by all the guidelines specified in the MOBILESTYLES App’s Media Kit file.

Submission Dates

The first draft should be submitted for approval on 00/00/2020.

The final draft should be ready by 00/00/2020

Approval Process

MOBILESTYLES must approve all content before it goes live. MOBILESTYLES App has the right to request edits as needed and said video will be sent back to the influence within 24 hours.

Content Guidelines

Content must align with MOBILESTYLES values and will be free of any; cursing, drugs, alcohol, smoking paraphernalia and anything inappropriate such as language, age, sexual orientation, disability, nationality, religion, gender, race, or any form of discrimination. Creations must be original work and cannot infringe on the rights of any third party (including or without limitation to any intellectual property rights).

[THE INFLUENCER] will keep a copy of any and all files until the work is completed.

Content Exclusivity


MOBILESTYLES owns the rights to the content, but it can be shared by both MOBILESTYLES and [THE INFLUENCER].


MOBILESTYLES can re-purpose the content for any reason they see fit; website, social media, case-study, and more.

Regulations and Compliance

Legal Requirements

[THE INFLUENCER] agrees to uphold industry standards and regulations, in compliance with the FTC and other legal bodies. All social posts will declare sponsorships with either a #ad, #sponsored, or #advertisement. Instagram posts will also tag “paid sponsorship”. [THE INFLUENCER] recognizes and acknowledges that this Terms and Conditions Agreement creates a confidential relationship between MOBILESTYLES App and [THE INFLUENCER] and the information shared during the campaign must not be shown to any third party except [THE INFLUENCER] and MOBILESTYLES App.

Confidentiality & Non-Competition


[THE INFLUENCER] will not share any private information about MOIBILESTYLES and will not share additional information about MOBILESTYLES influencer strategy.


The influencer will not work with a brand that is in direct competition with MOBILESTYLES for the duration of the campaign. [THE INFLUENCER] must agree to avoid mentioning the following key competitors such as but not limited to Glamsquad, Priv, BeautyLynk, beGlammed, Prête, StyleSeat, Stylisted, The Glam App, and all other on-the-go beauty apps or services.


Late Submission

If the influencer submits content late, the contract will be terminated

Poor Quality

If the influencer does not follow feedback guidelines and the final product is not at the Standard of MOBILESTYLES, as seen in the campaign brief, the contract will be terminated.

Contract Violation

If any element of the contract has been violated, the contract is terminated.


Company Name





Influencer Name






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