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The Most Stylish Modern Face Masks

The Most Stylish Modern Face Masks

Staying safe is our first priority, but staying stylish doesn't have to fall behind with these modern face masks!

As COVID-19 continues, we figured we’d at least sport some cute modern face masks!

At MOBILESTYLES, we’re all about looking and feeling our best, so ideally, we want our masks to look as fashionable as possible. Today, we’re bringing you three of the most stylish modern face mask brands for you to wear on any occasion! 



Kim Kardashian is best known for her amazing sense of style, so it’s no surprise that her brand SKIMS has added face masks to their range. The SKIMS face masks are very neutral and minimal but are still incredibly stylish, like the rest of the pieces from her brand. These masks come in 5 colors, are made in Los Angeles, and are super comfortable to wear- which is a huge bonus! SKIMS has donated 10,000 masks to protect vulnerable groups from COVID-19.

PQ Swim

A lot of clothing companies (including swimwear companies) have begun creating masks to sell out of repurposed fabrics, materials, and resources. PQ Swim created the MasQini Face Mask in several styles and sizes to suit every look and occasion! Some of the masks even match swimsuits that they’ve already created so you can have a fully matching outfit for the beach or pool while still staying safe and healthy. PQ swim makes weekly donations of 1 mask per each mask sold on their website to different charities.


Saint Chic 

Saint Chic is the perfect modern face mask shopping destination if you’re looking for something totally different and unique. Saint Chic carries shield bucket hats, sequin face masks, bandana scarfs, metal adorned mouth masks, and so much more! Saint Chic’s coolest product is their “Paparazzi Visor” which is a colorful visor that covers and protects your entire face. These visors are especially useful because they offer eye protection, as well as mouth and nose, which makes it even more effective than just wearing a regular mask. These visors also offer UV protection, so they’re perfect for the summer months.


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