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Eyelash Hacks for the Perfect Lashes

Eyelash Hacks for the Perfect Lashes

Pulling off the perfect makeup look isn't always easy, but these eyelash hacks are sure to help!

These eyelash hacks are essential for pulling off any great look!

After all, the eyes are the window to your soul. Today, we’ve rounded up four of our best eyelash hacks and tips to help make your lashes look their best!

Heat your curler

Heating your eyelash curler (or purchasing a heated eyelash curler) is one of the oldest tricks in the book to achieve perfect lashes! Applying a heated eyelash curler to your lashes helps to add extra curl to your lashes and it helps to hold that curl for longer which makes your mascara look better. If you don’t have a heated eyelash curler, simply use your blow dryer to heat your regular curlers and then use them the same way you would normally (just make sure they’re not too hot when you put them near your eyes.)


Use a primer

Lash primer is one of the most underrated beauty products! Using a primer before applying your mascara is a great way to ensure your eyelashes look the way you want them to without applying 100 layers of black clumps. Lash primer is typically white, so it also makes your black mascara look even darker. A lot of primers include ingredients that condition and nourish your lashes so they look perfect and healthy on no-makeup days too!


Use powder for fullness

A great way to make your lashes look full is to apply layers of black (or brown) eyeshadow to your lashes between layers of mascara. This will help to add volume to your lashes while also making them look as dark as possible. We love this hack for a dramatic night out look. 


Layer your products

Despite all our eyelash hacks, we’ve yet to find the perfect unicorn of mascaras that does it all (if you’ve found it, PLEASE let us know). There are certain mascaras that work best for lengthening, some that are great for adding volume, and even mascaras that look best on bottom lashes! The key to achieving the perfect lash is to layer them. We recommend starting with a lengthening mascara to lengthen and separate your lashes, and then go in with a volumizing mascara to complete the look. We like to use the lengthening mascara on the bottom lashes so they don’t look too heavy!


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