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5 Nail Colors You Should Wear This Fall

5 Nail Colors You Should Wear This Fall

Who knew nails could be “cozy”? We're here to tell you they can be with these fall nail color trends! Try one out just in time for the autumn season.

With Fall quickly approaching and our overwhelming desire for summer (and all of 2020) to just finally come to an end, we’ve been pushing our need for autumn earlier this year.

You may notice stores releasing their fall collections, and Starbucks introducing their famous pumpkin spice latté for the season. Since we’re all getting into the fall spirit, let’s really get into it by painting our nails with the trendiest colors you’ll be seeing this year.


You can really never go wrong with a deep burgundy look for your manicure. The rich purple undertones are complimented so well by the earthy tones you’ll find in most fall fashion. This color would work really well with your deeper red outfits or even just an all-black look for the ultimate witchy vibe.

Image about girl in Autumn


If there’s one color you’ll find all the time during this cozy season, it’s maroon. This muted hue of red is perfect for the warm aesthetic you’ll have in your fall fashion. Elevate the look with some glitter accent nails that’ll look so cute with a cream sweater and gold jewelry.

Image about nails

Autumn designs

A really cute way to get some fall-inspired nails without having to choose the typical colors is by incorporating a leaf design on a few accent nails to your overall manicure. This gives is a more unique look than a solid color and just looks like a work of art!

Image about girl in NAILS


When you can’t decide on just one fall color, choose multiple! This multi-colored look works so well because the rich tones complement each other perfectly. The mustard yellow, maroon, and deep forest green are all perfect examples of fall colors that give you all the cozy feels.


Burnt Orange

Nothing says “It’s fall” quite like the color burnt orange does, right? This manicure will make you want to drink pumpkin spice lattés every day just to match it with your nails. Choosing a matte topcoat also gives it a more muted vibe that works better in the cooler months than glossy coats would.

When picking a color for your new fall manicure, you just need to focus on colors that are warm, cozy, and earthy. Some colors would be mustard yellow, rust orange, forest green, maroon, and mauve. You can download the MOBILESTYLES App to find a nail tech near you that can help you achieve the ultimate fall manicure of your dreams!


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