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The Fall makeup looks you need for the season

The Fall makeup looks you need for the season

Fall is officially right around the corner, and you've probably seen the new makeup trends that will be big in the upcoming season.

Your favorite makeup artists share the looks that will be donned on the streets, the red carpet (if Rona is under control), and by influencers.

COVID-19 may still be out of control, but that doesn't mean you can't rock one of these new trends when you go to the grocery store. If you feel like you need to slay, then slay friend!

Shine bright like a diamond

Highlighting to the next level will be a big trend this Fall season, from warm golds, icy champagne, and gilded bronze. You can't go wrong with adding highlights to all the right places. Choosing the right highlighter is key, so make sure you try a few before committing to the perfect shade for your face.

Seeing red

Red lipstick will never go out of style. It's classic, and it's chic, it's perfection. Red is the perfect power color to add to your collection. If you haven't tried a red lip because it's an intimidating color to wear, start with a sheer red and work your way up to a bolder, more saturated version.

woman standing near wall

Jewel-toned smokey shadow

It's time to give the black eyeshadow a rest and switch it out for a jewel-toned blue smokey eyeshadow. Just when you think you can't wear this color, think again. Blue used to be a difficult color to work with, but now that brands have formulated this color to be soft and blendable, you can make it work effortlessly. Smudge it close to the lash line or blend it out to the crease. This color is bold and beautiful and deserves a spotlight this season.

Nude lip

A nude lip can be tricky if you pick the wrong shade. Go too light, and it can look chalky. Go too dark, and it's not nude on you. Once you find your tone, you'll be pairing it with everything. Nude lippies go with every look, and you can wear em' day or night.

ilia lip balm

Just a stain

A no-fuss kinda vibe is what a stained lip is. You throw it on and forget about it. A stain gives you enough color on the lips and stays put almost all day with no touch-ups for that cool-girl look.

anastasia lip balm


Switch it up a bit and add some gloss to your eyelid. It can go on top of any eyeshadow for that grungy, yet slightly polished look. Eye gloss can get a little messy, but that's the look you want. Pop it in the center of the lid or, if you're daring, swipe it on the entire lid for added attention.

A pop of color

Orange is synonymous for spring and summer, but this Fall is about to change that. Add bright orange blush to your face for a healthy, youthful look during the chilly upcoming season.

Vampy lips

Oxblood lipstick never goes out of style, just like red lipstick. Instead of having a matte lip this season, try looking for glossy versions to add dimension to your look. Wear it with a neutral look, so your lips are the focus.

fenty beauty lips fluid

Pair some of these trends together or by themselves. Play and experiment with the trends that will suit you and your lifestyle best. After all, it's makeup, and it's supposed to be fun. So enjoy!


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