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Beard Maintenance 101 How To Groom Facial Hair

Beard Maintenance 101: How To Groom Facial Hair

There's no need to worry about beard maintenance when there are so many tools to help you accomplish the perfect groom. Check out these tools!

Here is everything you need to properly groom your facial hair.

Beards aren’t going out of style anytime soon, but unkempt messy facial hair is. You want your beard and mustache to look presentable and attractive. Before deciding on growing out your beard, here is everything you need to properly groom your facial hair.

Beard Oil

Beard oil helps the hair stay hydrated and deters crunchy, dry hair as well as breakage. When looking for beard oil, you will want to find a product that is lightweight and mimics the natural oil found in hair and skin. A popular choice is jojoba oil. We recommend staying away from olive oil. It may be the most affordable option, but it has a harder time absorbing into the hair and skin.

Beard and Mustache Wax

For frizzy and hard to control beards, many barbers recommend beard and mustache wax. Beard and mustache wax can range anywhere from conditioner to styling gels. It is best for you to try out sample sizes of multiple products before deciding on what works best for your hair.


Don’t let a messy beard take over your grooming. Instead, control your beard hair with a comb. Many different combs work for beards. In general, curly or coarse beards need a wide-tooth comb while straight, thin beards need a narrow-tooth comb. We also recommend having separate combs for your beard, mustache, and hair. Beard oils and waxes don’t sit well with hair on top of your head and can cause more damage than good.

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Scissors are always a must, especially when trimming small stray beard hairs. Standard-size hair shears will work, but for more precise and even cuts, barbers recommend using small scissors with micro-serrated ends. You have better control and outcomes with smaller shears.

Beard Trimmer

While cutting your beard may not be what you want since it took you some time to grow it, you still have to maintain and care for it. Beards are prone to split ends and breakage. And, the best way to combat this is to trim most of those problem areas away. Just like regular clippers, many different guard sizes correspond with your beard length. Your local barber can give you tips and suggestions on what trimmers work the best and how to maintain your beard.

Now that you have your beard groomed, it’s time to go out and show it off.


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