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How to Transition Summer Pieces into Fall Fashion

How to Transition Summer Pieces into Fall Fashion

Don’t put away your summer clothes yet! You can repurpose your clothes for another season. Check out how to transition summer pieces for fall fashion.

The crisp air is finally starting to grace us with its presence and we couldn’t be any happier for 2020 to be coming to an end.

Dusting off our fall clothes is the highlight of the year, but that doesn’t mean we need to quickly put away our summer fashion. You’d be surprised as to how many summer pieces you can continue wearing even as the air gets chillier. All it takes is a little imagination and a lot of layering.


One of the easiest ways to transition your skirts, dresses, and shorts, from summer into your fall wardrobe is by wearing tights. Choosing fleece-lined tights is perfect for the chillier days, but you can probably get away with your basic pair of tights and some chunky socks under your favorite high waisted shorts you wore all summer. For dresses, stick to more earthy colors, rather than any pastels or bright floral patterns.


When all else fails, put a cardigan over it. Cardigans are a great way to continue wearing your favorite tanks or short sleeve tops you’re not ready to part with for the year. The chunkier the cardigan, the cozier you’ll look and feel. Pair your favorite summer top with a cardigan, high waisted shorts, tights, and your Chelsea boots for the perfect early fall look.

Person Wearing Black Leather Boots

Oversized sweaters

When you’re still attached to your favorite skirts and shorts you wore during the hottest days of the year, you can still wear them in autumn! A good trick is to pair these pieces with heavier, warmer pieces like oversized sweaters. It’ll make your entire look appear cozy, even if your legs are still showing. This works great at the beginning of fall or if you live somewhere where it’s not as cold during this season. Again, layering with tights always helps as the temperature begins to drop.

Chunky boots

Sometimes you’re just not ready for the next season, and that’s okay. A simple switch in your wardrobe can make a huge difference, especially if you live somewhere warmer. Keep your summer looks (within reason) and pair them with a chunky boot. For example, a flowy top tucked into a pair of jeans with chunky boots is a great way to incorporate fall into a summer look. Add a hat to the look and you’ll be getting even cozier really fast.

Whether you’re ready to put away all your summer clothes or not, being able to incorporate your clothing into other seasons makes your wardrobe constantly feel exciting, fresh, and may even keep you from unnecessarily buying more clothes. Let’s get cozy this fall!


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