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5 Trending Fall Wedding Makeup Looks

5 Trending Fall Wedding Makeup Looks

Having a fall wedding calls for rich colors and timeless styles. Here comes the bride — in these five trending fall wedding makeup looks.

Weddings are not just about the I dos, reception, cake, and the dress, but also about the makeup the bride applies.

All brides want to look and feel beautiful on the best day of their lives. If you are getting married this autumn, we found the five trending fall wedding makeup looks for you to try.


Many brides this fall are in love with simple dresses, especially since most weddings are tiny this year thanks to social distancing. To give an extra pop of sparkle, brides are opting for shimmers in the makeup looks. While most women prefer eyeshadow shimmer, some enjoy the statement that sparkly lipstick gives off.


Wedding colors start to cool down once autumn hits. The fun, bright colors of pinks, purples, blues, and greens that brides were wearing during spring and summer cool down to a popular fall color — gold. This season you will see many brides wearing gold eyeshadows and highlights to enhance their beauty on their special day.

woman in black collared top on selective focus photography

Smokey Eyes

Mystery follows fall, so many brides are heading towards the sexy, mysterious makeup look — smokey eyes. Smokey eyes accentuate every feature on the bride’s face, especially the eyes. This type of makeup also looks stunning in photos. Another great thing about smokey eyes is that all makeup artists should know how to do it.

Pop of Red

Between the shimmers, the golds, and the smokey eyes, brides are looking for that extra wow factor. That’s where red lipstick comes to play. Red draws the audience’s attention or, in the bride’s case, her future husband. Plus, red lipstick looks stunning in photos. A good tip to remember is to have your lipstick stashed away in an easy area so you can reapply throughout the day and night.


Since weddings are a tad different this year, many brides are embracing a non-traditional look of wedding makeup. Some brides are heading to themed fall weddings like Halloween or even capturing the essence of fun makeup through fun colors and makeup designs.

This year weddings may be different, but that doesn’t mean you have to skip out on getting dolled up for your wedding. Let MOBILESTYLES App know on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter if you tried one of these fall wedding makeup looks for your nuptials.


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