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Day in the Life of a Mom Raising a Toddler During COVID-19

Day in the Life of a Mom Raising a Toddler During COVID-19

Raising children is hard, add a pandemic on top of that, and it is pure chaos.

Here’s my day in the life of a mom raising a toddler during COVID-19.

Children are a wonderful blessing, but are constant work. I have a rambunctious two-year-old son who loves cars, trains, animals, and mischief. If I take my eyes off of him for one second, he’s already into something new like flooding our bathtub and floor with hundreds of bubbles. Between taking care of myself, my family, my home, and even work, I thought I had a handle on my life, but then COVID-19 hit. My life of organized chaos flipped into a new kind of disarray that is normal for most parents of toddlers during this pandemic. This is my story about how I’ve been raising a toddler during COVID-19.


Unlike other parents, I was fortunate enough to work from home. So yes, I get to stay home in my pajamas all day, but I also have a toddler who likes to grab everything off my desk and ask, “Mama, what’s this?” I won’t lie, he’s made a few appearances in Zoom meetings; whether it is to jump on and say hello or cry because I won’t let him play with the headphones I have on. However, snacks, videos, toys, and crafts help distract him even if it is up to 30 minutes at a time. Then nap time comes, and I can get some work done in quiet. However, overall, I’ve been able to work and meet deadlines and meetings.


The terrible twos is a real thing. Don’t let anyone tell you differently. And tantrums don’t go away if a pandemic hits, they become worse. When all your two-year-old wants to do is see his grandparents or play with his friends, and you have to tell him no, then it’s like you opened Pandora’s Box. And the more you stay inside, the worse it becomes. That’s where my emergency supply of popsicles come in hand if I can’t get his fits under control.

toddler playing wooden xylophone toy


Entertaining a toddler is harder than you think. Yes, they laugh and giggle at silly things easily, but they also lose interest in things quickly. My partner and I have been trying to find different ways to keep our son happy and occupied. From cooking lessons to science experiments and everything else in between, we’ve done it all. What we do know is that some days are harder than others, but as long as you keep your cool and keep up with your little one, you’ll be able to make it.


As a parent who lives for routines and schedules, the coronavirus did a doozy for my family. My son’s 8 p.m. bedtime is pushed back and back to the point where he is going to bed close to 10 p.m. these days. Without the opportunity to play with others or visit fun places, he doesn’t have the means to run off all his energy. So, we have to stay up as a family chasing each other in the hopes that he finally gets sleepy. After month two of quarantine, we just gave up on the schedule altogether and just focused on seeing how our son is feeling. We may be exhausted, but at least we get to see our son’s smiling face longer each day.

baby crawling near long-coated brown dog near door


Sadly, playdates and family get-togethers have significantly decreased since the pandemic hit the States. Instead, my son became close to our family dog and cat. We went from seeing people almost every day to only seeing people through video calls or closed windows. My son gets disappointed that he can’t physically see someone, but it does make his day when he can see someone he truly was missing. Luckily, we’ve been able to see some family members who have been socially distancing themselves since March, but we honestly can’t wait to go out and meet new friends at the park or museum.

black car on pedestrian lane during daytime photo


Shopping was one of those tasks that I loved to do pre-coronavirus. It was so nice to get out of the house and just roam around the aisles finding whatever you need or want. But with the uncertainty of who touched the basket or items you want, shopping just isn’t a thing in my household. One thing you must know about toddlers is that they touch literally everything. So, I couldn’t take my child out and just let him get a hold of everything. Instead, my shopping trips involve online shopping for groceries through Instacart or Curbside or other items through Amazon. Then my son and I wait patiently for everything to come in, and then we take it in, disinfect it all, wash our hands, and then put it away.

Yes, raising a child during or not during a pandemic is hard, but it is manageable. I’ve learned that I’ve gotten closer to not only my son and partner but to myself as well. If you’re a mama trying to raise your baby (no matter the age), my best piece of advice is to breathe and take it day by day. And always remember that you have a great support system with us at MOBILESTYLES!


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