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Best Ways to Embrace the Beauty in Being Bald

Best Ways to Embrace the Beauty in Being Bald

You do not need hair to be beautiful. Here are the best ways to embrace the beauty of being bald every day, because bald is beautiful.

September 13th is National Bald is Beautiful Day, and we are here to celebrate with you.

Whether you have a medical condition or you choose to be bald, we want to let you know you are not only beautiful today, but every day. If you need a little help realizing your true beauty, we found the best ways to embrace the beauty of being bald.

Have a Photoshoot

Nothing says that you embrace baldness more than a photoshoot. Dress up in different outfits, do full glam, and truly live your supermodel dreams. A photoshoot will truly capture how beautiful you are and how amazing being bald is. If you do decide to have a photoshoot, try to have natural lighting. Other lighting choices may illuminate different parts of your head that you don’t want to shine.

assorted-color cowboy hat lot


Your head is an empty canvas that you can do anything with if you have no hair. There are so many ways that you can accessorize a bald head. You can try out hats, wigs, headbands, scarves, and even jewelry. There are limitless possibilities when it comes to accessorizing. Plus, who doesn’t love a shopping spree for head accessories?

Play Around with Makeup

Just like we mentioned before, your head is an empty canvas if you are bald. And, one of the best ways to embrace being bald is to let your creative side loose. You can do a lot of fun makeup looks, especially since you have no hair hiding your amazing art. Many people like to do full-glam with a head with no hair, or some get super creative and create a scene involving the entire head. Whatever you decide to do, tag MOBILESTYLES App on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter!

bald woman wearing white surplice sleeveless top taking self portrait inside tunnel with graffiti tagged wall

Find Inspiring Quotes and Speakers

For many people who don't have a choice in having any hair because of a health issue, may need a little pick-me-up. It’s always good to remember that you aren’t alone in your bald journey. Many men and women of all ages go through balding. Here are just a few inspiring quotes that have helped them get by:

“Even baldness becomes a beauty of a hairless head through the heart of acceptance.” ― Munia Khan

“Anyone who looks good with a bald head is seriously sexy.” ― Richelle E. Goodrich

“We're all born bald, baby.” — Telly Savalas

You can find more inspirational quotes and speakers here.

grayscale photography of person

Never Be Afraid of Who You Are

Being bald doesn’t define who you are as a person. It doesn’t tell you how to act or how you should live your life. Instead, being bald is just an added factor that brings along extra conversations. Start every day with a compliment, and you’ll get through everything in life (even without hair.)

Whether it is National Bald is Beautiful Day or not, having no hair is beautiful no matter your age, gender, or sexuality. So go out there and live your life! And, take us along the way — tag MOBILESTYLES App on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, and let us know how you embrace the beauty of being bald.


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