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Is Microcurrent Technology the Secret to Youthful Skin

Is Microcurrent Technology the Secret to Youthful Skin?

Did you know that it’s possible to zap your way to a glowing complexion?

If you like the sound of that premise, be sure to read on.

It turns out that microcurrent facials, that is treatments utilizing machinery that purport to lift and tone, have long been a beauty secret of celebrities.

People in pursuit of that elusive Hollywood glow are now attempting to replicate this at home using microcurrent devices. A dermatologist explained to Allure that microcurrent technology is a noninvasive therapy that sends out a low-voltage current, similar to the natural electrical currents in the body. The microcurrent stimulates energy production to produce collagen in the dermis, thus ‘plumping’ up the skin and giving the appearance of a toned, tighter appearance. Facialist Joanna Vargas said that studies indicate microcurrent facials increase collagen by up to 14%, elastin by 48%, and blood circulation by 38%!

These sought after devices, like personal trainers for your face, also claim to boost radiance, increase lymphatic drainage, and reduce fine lines. Ok, we’re listening!

Reviewing a popular microcurrent facial available in New York City, a Byrdie beauty editor believes it’s legit. After receiving a treatment at the hands of a celebrity-approved esthetician, the editor said she would notice her face muscles getting a “much-needed stretch, bend, and tuck” and added she could see the difference instantly.

Further tempting us to click *add to cart* and bring the supposed magic of microcurrent into our own lives, the editor said the technology resulted in a “trampoline effect”—leaving her with bouncy, supple, and flexible skin.

Woman Having Facial Care

But before you splash the cash—and these FDA-approved devices don’t exactly run cheap—do be wary. There still isn't a ton of data backing up the grand claims of these devices.

Another dermatologist pointed out to Allure, "the scientific data is really lacking for this technology, and therefore, the [beauty] claims must really be taken with caution."

Another expert said that the devices best work as a prevention tactic, as a way to maintain as opposed to reverse the clock on aging. "[Microcurrent technology] will certainly not replace in-office treatments or surgery. It may be best to think of microcurrent technology as a way to maintain healthy and youthful skin,” she noted.

Will you be trying it?


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