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Your Handy Dandy Makeup Artist Kit Checklist

Your Handy Dandy Makeup Artist Kit Checklist

Are you a new makeup artist ready to fill your makeup kit? Then, look no further than this handy-dandy makeup artist kit checklist.

Graduating after cosmetology school or gaining a makeup artist certificate is such a great feeling.

You are finally one step closer to your dreams. Before you can head out and start working on clients, you have one more thing to do — create your makeup artist kit. Keep scrolling because we made your handy-dandy makeup artist kit checklist.

Multiple Shades of Foundation & Concealers

As a makeup artist, you need to prepare your kit for any client. Since there are different skin color shades, you should be able to accommodate every person that hires you. All makeup artists need multiple shades of foundation, concealers, contours, and powders in their kits. At the beginning of your makeup artist (MUA) career, you may not have a wide selection of shades. That’s why it’s good to have at least eight shades, so you can mix and blend until you can afford more colors.

Throw Away Sponges & Wands

It is unhygienic for you to use the same application tools on each client. You can wash and disinfect some makeup tools like brushes, eyelash curlers, and tweezers between each use. However, seasoned MUAs recommend having separate brushes. Application tools that are more difficult to clean between each use are sponges and wands. Thanks to this difficulty, many MUAs use disposable sponges and wands on their customers. It’s good to have a large pack of both in your kit.

Makeup Cleaner

As mentioned above, you can reuse some application tools for other clients as long as they are clean. Before starting on the next client, you must clean your tools before and after each use with a makeup cleaner. There are many cleaners out on the market, but you will want one that offers deep cleaning. It is also a smart idea to get makeup disinfectant spray as well. There is nothing wrong with being overly clean, especially these days.

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Hand Sanitizer

Your makeup artist kit doesn’t have to hold only makeup and application tools. Instead, it is always a great idea to have hand sanitizer and antibacterial wipes on-hand. Since you will be touching someone, you should always disinfect your hands before, during, and after the job. And, the same applies if you are working on multiple people that same day.

Makeup Wipes

No one is perfect, and MUAs do make mistakes or, they don’t achieve the client’s wants. You can resolve issues by wiping away the problem areas with makeup wipes and starting again. You may want different types of wipes in your kit just in case your client has specific skin issues like oil, dryness, and sensitivity.

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Eyeshadow Palettes

One of the best parts of makeup is eyeshadow. Makeup artists love finding new, fun, and creative eye makeup looks. To be able to do any type of look, you’ll need to equip your kit with tons of shades, shimmers, mattes, and creams. Most seasoned makeup artists recommend having large palettes of shimmers, mattes, and creams. These large palettes will have a large variety of colors and shades for you to play around with.

Lip & Pencil Sharpener

If you use a tube lipstick, you should always use a throw-away brush for the application, but you can sharpen items like lip and eyeliner pencils between each use. This is one of the only cosmetic items that you can use on multiple people. However, you must sharpen it before each use, so you aren’t spreading any bacteria.

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A tool you will want in your makeup artist kit is a handheld mirror. This will allow your client to see the progress and overall look, and let them make comments and suggestions for improvements on what they are wanting. With each appointment, it is your mission to please the customer, and if they can’t see your work, they may not recommend or book you again.

With your kit ready to go, it’s time to book some clients. Here at MOBILESTYLES, we can help you extend your career by helping you find new clients and book even more appointments. All while saving you money and time!


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