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6 Ways to Express How Much You Appreciate Your Wife

6 Ways to Express How Much You Appreciate Your Wife

Whether it is Wife Appreciation Day or any other day, here are six ways to express how much you appreciate your wife. 

September 20th is Wife Appreciation Day, but you don’t need a specific day to tell your wife how much you appreciate the things she does.

Between taking care of the family and making sure things run smoothly, wives go above and beyond with everything they do. So, we found six ways for you to express how much you appreciate your wife.

Cook for Her

If your wife is the main chef in the house, give her a much-needed break by cooking for her. Try out a new recipe or even her favorite meal. She will love coming home to a delicious smelling house where she doesn’t have to worry about figuring out what she should make for dinner. And for all the significant others who aren’t cooking-oriented, take-out is always a winning option.

purple flowers on paper

Write Her a Letter

Nothing says I love and appreciate you more than literally writing it down in a letter. Confess how much she means to you and how thankful you are for everything she does. You can even take it to the next level by decorating the envelope and the piece of paper. No matter how you give it to her, she will love having a gift that has so much thought into it.

Recreate Your First Date

The days of butterflies and puppy love were great when you first started dating. Don’t let her forget about those days by recreating your first or most memorable dates. It will mean the world to her seeing you trying your hardest to be sweet and romantic.

two pink and white floral boxes

Give Her a Gift

When it comes to love, gift-giving is not the most important love language, but it is a nice reminder that your significant other still thinks about you when they are away from you. Whether you buy her flowers, chocolate, wine, or her favorite snack, she will love anything you give her. And, if you don’t feel comfortable going out, there are many online delivery services like Edible Arrangements and local flower shops that will send gifts directly to her.

Let Her Have the Day Off

Being a wife is a lot of work, especially if your wife is a mother as well. Sometimes all they need is a day off. Instead of letting her take care of all the cleaning, cooking, and occupying children, take the reins and be the main caretaker for the day. By the end of the day, she will be relaxed and refreshed.

woman covering eyes with hand

Give Her a Surprise

Spice things up by giving your wife a surprise. Surprises are where you can get super creative and do something that she would have never thought of. Don’t forget to record her reaction, so she will never forget the day.

Wives are wonderful humans that take care of all their families’ needs no matter how they are feeling. Make your wife feel special on Wife Appreciation Day and every other day with these six different ways of showing how much you care.


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