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7 Diverse Influencers in the World of Wellness

7 Diverse Influencers in the World of Wellness

Instagram, as awe-inspiring and entertaining as it can be, can sometimes feel very ‘same same.’

The world of wellness, in general, is saturated with certain types of bloggers and tastemakers that can all ascribe to the same vision.

If your feed is in need of a vital infusion of energy, diversity, and vigour, then these individuals will be a breath of fresh air.

Dr. Chelsea Jackson Roberts

Jackson Roberts has the type of resume that allows her to stand out head-and-shoulders above her peers in the wellness world. Not only is she a yoga teacher and meditation leader with Peloton, she also has a doctorate in Educational Studies. Jackson Roberts also founded a Yoga, Literature, and Art Camp and is renowned for her work using yoga to help teenagers with literacy development and relationship advice.


Jenné Clairborne

For vegans and those curious about a plant-based diet, Clairborne, aka Sweet Potato Soul, likely needs no introduction. The influential healthy foodie has seen her blog grow to encompass a successful YouTube channel and best-selling cookbook. She’s also a mom to an adorable tot, so expect plenty of cute bathtime clips alongside her recipes.


Spiked Spin

Entrepreneur Brianna Owens founded Spiked Spin, an indoor cycling studio in Brooklyn’s Bed-Stuy neighborhood, as an antidote to the lack of diversity she experienced in New York City’s boutique fitness scene. Spiked’s Instagram is a smorgasbord of workout routines set to hip hop music, uplifting motivational content, and snippets of the community’s varied fanbase.

spiked spin

Logan Aldridge

Guiness World Record-holder Logan Aldridge is seriously inspiring. After losing his arm in an accident at 13-years-old, he endeavored to still include fitness in his life. The Nike trainer and CrossFit enthusiast is an excellent source for workout advice and his attitude is a reminder that everything is possible once you put your mind to it.

logan aldridge

Jessamyn Stanley

Stanley is something of a no-nonsense, straight talking guru in the yoga community. The body positive activist has long been promoting the idea that everybody can be a yogi; not just the slim, toned body type we see in campaigns and in magazines. Stanley, who proudly identifies as a “queer fat femme” and a “plus-size woman of color”, is now a teacher and has written a popular book called Every Body Yoga: Let Go of Fear, Get On the Mat, Love Your Body.



Known as @thefatsextherapist on Instagram, this non-binary, queer bisexual social worker and sex therapist has found over 128,000 fans thanks to her openness and thought-provoking chatter. Sonalee specializes in treating sexual trauma and body image issues, and is also a public speaker and community organizer.


The Nutrition Tea

Shana Minei Spence is a registered dietitian on a mission to debunk the dubious claims around popular health diets and wellness fads. Her Instagram account, which has over 80,000 followers, has become the go-to resource for people when they’re trying to cut through the noise in the lifestyle world. Not only does Spence call out diet myths, she offers private virtual counseling to those struggling with their relationship to food.

the nutrition tea


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