The world of wellness, in general, is saturated with certain types of bloggers and tastemakers that can all ascribe to the same vision.

If your feed is in need of a vital infusion of energy, diversity, and vigour, then these individuals will be a breath of fresh air.

Dr. Chelsea Jackson Roberts

Jackson Roberts has the type of resume that allows her to stand out head-and-shoulders above her peers in the wellness world. Not only is she a yoga teacher and meditation leader with Peloton, she also has a doctorate in Educational Studies. Jackson Roberts also founded a Yoga, Literature, and Art Camp and is renowned for her work using yoga to help teenagers with literacy development and relationship advice.


Jenné Clairborne

For vegans and those curious about a plant-based diet, Clairborne, aka Sweet Potato Soul, likely needs no introduction. The influential healthy foodie has seen her blog grow to encompass a successful YouTube channel and best-selling cookbook. She’s also a mom to an adorable tot, so expect plenty of cute bathtime clips alongside her recipes.


Spiked Spin

Entrepreneur Brianna Owens founded Spiked Spin, an indoor cycling studio in Brooklyn’s Bed-Stuy neighborhood, as an antidote to the lack of diversity she experienced in New York City’s boutique fitness scene. Spiked’s Instagram is a smorgasbord of workout routines set to hip hop music, uplifting motivational content, and snippets of the community’s varied fanbase.