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Five surprising beauty and wellness uses for coffee

Five surprising beauty and wellness uses for coffee

Pop on the kettle and pull up a chair: it’s time to celebrate National Coffee Day, which takes place, September 29th.

Pop on the kettle and pull up a chair: it’s time to celebrate National Coffee Day, which takes place, September 29th.

“Ha!” We hear you scoff. Isn’t every day *technically* national coffee day? Well, you’re not wrong. There are myriad reasons to love a cup of joe, but beyond its seemingly-magic abilities as a stimulant, have you also considered integrating caffeine into your beauty routine?

Allow us to rock your world.

Lip Scrub

Sure, you could shell out your hard-earned dollars and buy a specifically-made lip scrub, but why bother when you have the ingredients to conquer dry lips sitting right in your pantry. According to The Healthy, all you need to do for a perfectly smooth and kissable pout is to combine a half-teaspoon of used coffee grounds with a half-teaspoon of honey. Apply the mix to your lips and gently rub in a circular motion for 30 seconds before removing with a damp washcloth. Mwah!

Hair Hero

A pro-tip for the brunettes among us, thanks to Good Housekeeping. The all-knowing lifestyle magazine cites that ground coffee beans are excellent for removing product buildup from your roots. Just massage grounds into hair and scalp as a bi-weekly treatment to clear residue left over from heavy conditioners and styling products. Remember blondes: don’t try this at home unless you want your roots tinted brown!

Photo of Cups On Wooden Tray


It’s no secret that coffee helps us power through work obligations and even social occasions (preferably in espresso martini format), but did you know that taking a hit of caffeine can maximize your exercise session? This article shared by Penn Medicine maintains that not only is caffeine key for boosting both your mood and energy before a grueling workout, but it can also help reduce the amount of pain you experience. So there you have it, before you know it those burpees will seem like a walk in the park.


Ugh, dimpled skin: the enemy of women everywhere. Coffee has long been touted as an ingredient that can help the appearance of dreaded ‘orange peel’. recommends creating a homemade coffee exfoliant and massaging the scrub into problem areas as often as possible to help stimulate blood flow and tighten skin.

Mood Reset

Health bible Prevention writes that sniffing coffee can reset your olfactory nerves. (In layman’s terms, the nerves responsible for a sense of smell which relays sensory data to the brain.) Inhaling freshly brewed coffee can act as a sort of ‘reset’ button and help prevent nose fatigue. If you're feeling overwhelmed, breathe in that fragrant morning brew ASAP.


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